Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets That Would Make Great Gifts

Kitchen appliances can often be pretty boring, they’re functional but not very fun and sometimes it seems that the kitchen needs a bit of brightening up. Luckily there are some great kitchen gadgets out there that not only work well but look great too and can often solve a problem or make things easier as well. We’ve collected together 10 brilliant gadgets for the kitchen that you’ll love, and they also make great gifts!

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- Bogey Man Egg SeperatorBogey Man Egg Separator $14

Not for the squeamish, this egg separator uses the power of gravity to separate the slimy egg white and leave the yolk sat in the jug. This ceramic kitchen aid is a great one for those who love something a bit unusual or have particular trouble separating eggs, it would also make a great kitchen gadget for kids who will love to watch the Bogey Man’s nose run!

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- Zing AnythingZing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer $16.99

The Citrus Zinger is perfect for citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges, and adding the fruit to the bottom chamber of the water bottle allows you to infuse the flavours and vitamins into the water. This is portable so can be taken to work or the gym and will encourage water drinking as there is a healthy extra flavour. Perfect for those who like to look after their health and get their 8 glasses a day!

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- Gluggle JugGluggle Jug $47

Gluggle jugs are traditional English water jugs that have been used since the 1800s and make a wonderful gurgling sound as liquid is poured out of them. The gluggle jug comes in a variety of colours and makes a great conversation piece for both children and adults.

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- Obsessive Chef Chopping BoardObsessive Chef Chopping Board $22

This Beech wood chopping board is great for precise measurements and getting everything the same size. The brilliant kitchen tool is wonderful for chopping and dicing as well, which makes it a perfect gift for a chef friend who obsesses over his cutting.

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- Magnetic Toucan ShearsMagnetic Toucan Shears $16

These would make a fun kitchen gift as they’re cheerful but practical too. The sharp stainless steel scissor blades also have a build in bottle opener and look like a toucan taking a bite when they’re used. In addition the magnetic cover allows them to be stored on the fridge or other metal appliance when they’re not in use for safekeeping.

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- Mason Jar Shot GlassesMason Jar Shot Glasses $12.21

Mason jars are such a popular piece of home décor, why not delight your friends with a new use for them- as shot glasses! The mini mason jars look just like their larger counterparts but in miniature size and they don’t just have to be shot glasses- use them as tiny vases for a single cut flower to brighten up the kitchen or for condiments and sauces!

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- YayLabs Ice Cream BallYayLabs Ice Cream Ball $45.63

This brilliant kitchen gadget allows the user to make ice cream almost anywhere by just rolling, shaking and passing the ball around! Just place ice and rock salt in one end of the ball then cream, sugar and flavouring into the other end and you can a pint of perfect ice cream in 20 minutes.

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- Easy Peasy Ie Cube TrayEasy Peasy Pea Pod Ice Tray $16

For anyone who has trouble making spherical ice cubes, this is the perfect kitchen gadget. The pea pod shaped ice trays make it easy to create ball shaped ice and they can be simply popped out when frozen and added to a drink. The clever gadget ensures the ice is a perfect sphere so this is a great gift for a drink connoisseur or someone who loves to try something a bit different.

Gourmet Gadgetry 3-in-1 Cake Pop, Doughnut and Cupcake Maker $51.50

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- Gourmet Gadgetry 3-in-1 Cake Pops, Doughnuts and Cupcakes Maker
This amazing retro kitchen gadget bakes in just minutes and can make 12 cake pops, 7 doughnuts or 7 cupcakes at once. Each baking plate is non stick and the gadget has a spring loaded function for easy removal. This may be pricier than some of the other gadgets on the list but the brilliant design and functionality makes it one of the best kitchen gadgets and a great gift for friends or teenagers.

Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets- Lasso Floating Bottle HolderLasso Floating Bottle Holder $13.99

This wonderful bottle stand will amaze and delight with the illusion that only a piece of rope is suspending a bottle in the air. The real rope actually has a secret metal support that will keep the bottle secure and won’t let it fall. This fun kitchen gadget makes a wonderful gift that anyone will enjoy as long as they have a glass bottle!

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