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Wow Emojis – Free Emojis for WhatsApp Facebook On iPhone PC Android

An “Emoticon or Emojis” are additionally for the most part called emojis or even smileys. An iOS or Android client can use hundreds of emoticons whereas facebook also supports some of it. These Facebook emojis incorporate love images, heart formed, stars, signs and different types of animal emojis which are relatable in 2022. Whenever you embed facebook emoticons codes your companion will see the appearances made from those emoticon codes on the gadget they are utilizing.

An emoticon stands for “emotion icon” to express what you are feeling or to emote or simply a smiley. They are actually the pictorial expressions to be expressed with symbols and characters such as punctuation marks, numbers and letters etc. to express moods, feelings and expressions 2022. You can enter these emoticons with symbols with the help of a few keystrokes. 

See the whole list of new emojis out of the box new 2022 facebook emoticons that you can use many times. Simply tap on the emoji and copy the code. It’s just so simple to do. 

Look at the following selected emoticons of all wow emojis and newly delivered Facebook stickers to browse. While looking at it, you will get to see an incredible number of smiley faces that look cute and amazing to you with a few new and famous emojis.

These smiley faces are well known to such an extent that you can communicate your sentiments even without composing much simply by utilizing them by copying them and sending them to your friends in 2022. Simply copy and send them to your contacts or friends to express different feelings such as love, happiness, worry, disdain, stress and almost every other emotion. 

Facebook allows us to utilize these emojis which are for all the situations with, and talk messages. They make chatting with others many times substantially more significant. All the skin shading varieties with most recent alterations are added consistently.

Twitter Emojis 

Twitter is the most popular social media platform where you can use 1100+ emojis, with a number of varieties ranging from heart symbols, country flags, hand gestures and smiley faces etc. These are simple to use. You can use twitter emojis in 2022 with much more varying gestures, when you use shortcodes for twitter emoticons or copy emoji shortcodes and paste it into a tweet box twitter automatically. The followers will see the emoticons only. You can use twitter emojis on iPhone, android and desktops by simplifying tweaking a few keys on your phone or keyboard. 


If you want fancy emoticons you can use symbols and emoticons to express emojis and emoticons with a twisty turn. Many special fancy text symbols, letters, characters for 2022. In order to use them just copy and paste to, like Microsoft Word, Facebook, Twitter, HTML to use them for blogs etc. The most popular of these symbols are Wheel of Dharma, Orthodox, Nazi, Ankh, Swastika, Chi Rho, Cross of Lorraine, Cross of Jerusalem, Farsi, Khanda, peace, Taijitu, Star of David.

Google Emojis 

Like others Google also has its own set of emojis which can be used on Android devices like Pixel phones, Gmail Web Interface, Google Hangouts and ChromeOS. They are part of the Noto Emoji project’s part. You can also use them for operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Android in 2022.

Google releases new emojis every year for example they released emojis for Android 9.o Pie, for android Q and the gadgets they release in 2019, 2020 and 2021. 

Facebook Emojis 

You can find tons of Facebook Emojis: codes, tables with values and just copy and paste them in a single click.  You can use these emotions on Facebook and WhatsApp. 

Here is How to Get The Latest Facebook Emojis for Messenger And Facebook Chats?

While chatting or discussing on Facebook or WhatsApp in 2022 we really need emojis and emoticons to push forward our narrative correctly. The users on these platforms frequently use these emoticons to express how they feel. Well for inserting these emoticons in the chat on Facebook or WhatsApp is very simple that can be done simply. If you search in the search engines often the question “How to put emoticons on Facebook orWhatsApp?”

You Can Check All The Facebook Emojis

In addition to just many of the common emoticons that you can copy/paste, there are also some  that you can insert into the messenger on Facebook/WhatsApp just simply adding code into the text. This piece will show you how to add emojis into Facebook. Besides you can find the hidden emoticons that can be integrated into the Google Chrome browser you can use them without a hitch. 

How to use latest emoticons on Facebook in 2022?

There are many ways people use them by default, emojis on Facebook that also can be used just for chatting purposes. Remember that all of these smiley and emoticons have distinct codes to begin with that you need to add in the chat. Once you type the code in the chat they convert into pictures etc. Let’s try for example to put a heart in your chat or comment:

Step 1. Log into your Facebook account. Highlight the part of the chat where you want to insert it into. We are putting a heart emoticon for the exemplification. 

Step 2. Insert the combination of characters “<3” without quotes in the chat and add text separated by a space if you want to. It will work anyway. Click “Publish”

Step 3. You will see it will appear converted into a beautiful heart. You can literally insert them into your Facebook chat. We have given the whole cheat sheet below which you can use. 

Follow this guide to use the emoticons into your Facebook

You can check and use the newly released facebook smileys 2022 with tons of new inclusions from the list of emoticons. They have tons of arrows, signs, stars and many pictures that you can simply copy and use. There could be some which might have become obsolete but you will get the new shapes instead. Sometimes they don’t work because of updates and new inclusions. 

In order to use them you can copy one of the listed below and paste it into the text of your chats or comments. 

If you don’t register them or don’t want to keep copying them every time you can see a special extension for the Google Chrome browser which is popularly called Facebook Secret Emoticons. By adding such an extension, you can choose all the available emoticons on Facebook easily. To install this extension which you can choose from the Google store or follow the given below instructions:

Step 1. Go to your Google Chrome browser, open the settings menu in the upper right and choose from the drop-down list, “Additional tools” and then select “Extensions”.

Step 2. When the window opens, scroll to the bottom and click on “More extensions.”

Step 3. Then enter in the search box and search for the name of the extension “Facebook Secret Emoticons” and press “Enter.” Then click the Install button

Step 4. Next, open your Facebook and log into it. Select a text field or any part of your chat. For example, let it be the “What do you think?”

Step 5. Then you will see a small flower symbol, that will lead you to the complete list of all the smileys to be used for Facebook. You can select the category you want. 

How to Use Emojis on Facebook Mobile App?

Facebook has billions of users all around the world. You must understand there is a different way to add emojis on Facebook Mobile App unlike web version. For inserting facebook emoticons you can use the smartphone’s built-in system. Look for an emoji face in the status update text bar and tap on it to add.

Ways to add Facebook Emoji Smileys in Comments and Private Messages?

You can add facebook emojis in the chat comments and private messages on Facebook/WhatsApp  in 2022. You can place them anywhere by selecting the space in the chat. There is a small emoji face to the right just click and open the smiley menu. You can select and add as many emojis. It can be used in the facebook messenger on your computer; the emoji section. 

To insert the emoticons in the comments, click the smiley face icon and add it anywhere you want into your comments to make an impact. Post the comment by hitting the Enter Key.

The emoji menu in both cases is placed in the same way:

Click the conversation window you want to use an emoji in or start a brand new one.

Step: 1- Click the Facebook messenger.

2- Select the tiny Smiley Face icon to the right of the text box for using it.

3- Then the menu pops up just under the text box just go to the emoji tab.

4- Choose an emoticon or multiple emojis by tapping on them without even wanting to add more than one from the emoji menu.

Facebook emojis are as effective as they were before 2022 that you can use by simply typing the codes. We have mentioned below the example codes that you can copy and use in your chat to get the idea how they work:

  • Smile — 🙂 🙂 :] =)
  • Wink — 😉 😉
  • Grin — 😀 😀 =D
  • Kiss — :-* :*
  • Grumpy — >:( >:-(
  • Glasses — 😎 8) B-) B)
  • Sunglasses — 8-| 8| B-| B|
  • Upset — >:O >:-O >:o >:-o
  • Confused — o.O O.o
  • Pacman — :v
  • Unsure — :/ :-/ :\ :-\
  • Frown — 🙁 🙁 :[ =(
  • Cry — :'(
  • Angel — O:) O:-)

Using Facebook Emojis on iOS in 2022?

For inserting any of the Facebook Emojis on iPhone in 2022 during status update, commenting or conversations you need to use iPhone’s built-in keyboard for emojis in the iOS environment. The emoji keyboard is made available by Apple for all iPhones free and we have mentioned below how you can use emojis on any iOS for Facebook. 

Step 1: First of all you need to activate the built-in iPhone emoji keyboard that you can locate at the end of the iPhone screen which replaces the regular keyboard when you select it. 

2: Tap the emoji or smiley you want to insert in the Facebook chat. 

3: Go to the “General” in the “settings” section.

4: Scroll to the bottom and click on the keyboard to change the settings to use that iOS emoji keyboard. 


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