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30 Free Premium Minimalist HTML5 Bootstrap Templates For Your 2020 Year Projects

When we search for plain and simple HTML templates on Google a list of hundreds of templates and themes pops up and most of them are solely for WordPress. If we dig further deep we have to shuffle through scores of even more HTML templates which are either very old or they top up the searches because they are spending millions on advertisement. Only a bunch of most popular theme marketplaces and platforms are ruling those search result pages even if they don’t have to offer much relief to a web developer who scuffles through tons of search results.

Take this as a test and search just any term related to website themes and templates the results are always the same. 5 or 6 Google ads by those marketplaces and in results the same are ranking for each search term such as HTML templates, HTML themes, responsive website templates free download HTML with CSS or just any such HTML template tag.
So technically for an ordinary person or even a pro web developer it becomes a herculean task to get desired results while searching in any given Search Engine. Just any of them.

We tested that, dug even deeper and searched for the HTML themes and templates built with HTML5, Boostrap4 and CSS3 etc. Did every bit to just follow our minds, then followed o each result to build this collection of some really simple, minimalist, clean and off beat HTML templates to give chance to all the deserving ones devoid of crafted by popular or unpopular old or new.
While you are scrolling down you will notice many of the these HTML templates are never heard of but they are hard work of developers who took great pains to garnish them and remove any possible errors.

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#1 Ola – Multipurpose HTML Template

Ola is one of the popular HTML templates oftentimes used for app landing pages. Technically it has two varying layouts and as many as 6 unique header options. Some of its features always make it desirable for its responsiveness as it quickly adapts to the screen-size-change and while scrolling you will notice some of its unique transitions. Few of its unique features make it very useful for many people. Scroll down and check the cool template –Argon.

#2 Argon Dashboard

We compared Argon with other similar other templates and found it quite nicely done, clean, smooth for navigation, quick responsiveness and much more with its coolest features to make your website standout. It’s very well coded you can check it out if it fits the definition you are looking for. Its features are incomparable for example, it has a hundred of handcrafted components and custom plugins. There is much more.

#3 Cloud – An Easy To Use App Landing Page

If there is any superbly created HTML template it is none other than Cloud. It is best fit for an app landing page. Besides, you can use it for presenting a Coming Soon Website as well with its minimal nicely done HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 coding you can customize it to fit hundreds of choices. However, without a question, it has many great features that make it unique in its own way. Scroll down to check the next on our list.

#4 MediCenter – Responsive Medical Health Template With Boxed Layout

Pharmacy and medicine is a vast field. Choosing the right HTML theme to fit your pharmacy business properly is a hard nut to crack. However, you don’t have to use your strength as we have already cracked it. Check out MediCenter. This very responsive Bootstrap4, CSS3 and HTML5 coded template with modern style pages and features to boost your business manifolds.
How is it really different from the bulk? Well, its Boxed layout and features are very easy to customize and its responsiveness has its own divine adherence to different devices.

#5 Canvas – A Powerful Template

Canvas has become an apple of eye for every website that builds lists of different great HTML themes. It’s very powerful, responsive, multipurpose, multi-page as well as single page HTML template.
You can literally, edit each segment of it for being done with great flair of coding and fit any of your website from Photography, Music, Recipes to Non-profit. It just suits anything. It has myriad of features that make it unique in its own way.

#6 SPY Medical – Most Awesome Medical Facility & Services Template

Medical is a field which requires a lot of attention while developing a website for it. All that is viable for any other profession’s website is not the case with this one. So it is where this HTML template comes. It is an exclusive library of features and elements with pre-built web elements with detailed comments to get the ideal medical website. So get your medical related website built quickly with this template that deserves your attention. It is highly recommended for Dental, Procedural, Surgery, Fitness or a Pharmacy website.
Its entire layout is very responsive, editable and extremely compatible on all the browsers.

#7 Pofo – Most Creative Multi-purpose HTML Template

If you have a great project on hold just for the sake of finding a very creative HTML template to begin with—Try Pofo. A superbly crafter template with great visual appeal that comes with editable styling, 27 ready home page demos, more than 200 pages, best fit for stylish websites and equally useful for simple websites such as corporate, portfolio, any agency or just any business.

#8 Ave – A Responsive Multi Purpose HTML5 Template

Ave is one of such HTML themes that always attract the audience for its great portrayal of features and colors. Besides, it is very powerful, responsive, raw-multipurpose, multipage and single page built with HTML5.
You can literally enhance the beauty of any website such as a creative agency, business app, portfolio, restaurant, digital agency or even a travel agency. It has more than a 100 available pages, more than 300 editable sections and much more that make it one of a kind and it gets updated within couple of months.

#9 Real Gym – Powerful, Modern & Responsive Yoga, Fitness & Gym Template

See this is why we discussed that Search Engine Result Pages are populated with only a few major themes and templates marketplaces that burn stacks of cash. Real Gym is one of the most ideal, unique and powerful HTML templates that rightfully fit any fitness and yoga venture or a fitness blog.
Popular fitness gurus on Instagram and YouTube like this bootstrap4 and HTML5 built template for their respective websites. It comes with tons of useful features, reusable elements and much more. Besides, the 24/7 support does not cost a dime for it.
You can change, edit and update it for its simple CSS and coding. It’s a great HTML theme in a small package.

#10 Cork – A Simplistic Admin Dashboard HTML Template

Looking for something really awesome for your admin dashboard? Just go for Cork. It has been coded with carefully done Bootstrap and SaaS for all type back-end jobs. It has also few very useful JavaScript builtin apps to help you get the desired effects.

You don’t have to start from the scratch; it has very well designed and commented Demos with tons of reusable buttons, maps, charts, widgets, forms and tables etc. It is very responsive, comes with great cross browser compatibility and all that makes any desired HTML template worth it.

#11 Curtain Store

If you urgently need a two column layout HTML template which is free, attractive and minimalist then Curtain Store has is exactly that. The combination of darkgray and lightgray has been used so well that it will stick into the brain of someone whoever looks at it.
It has several features that makes it very desirable beside great responsiveness, cross browser compatibility and nice UI. But you must read about its usage rights before going any further.
Apart from that it can suit many different type of stores that you might have on mind to get the best website for.

#12 Real News – News & Magazine HTML Template

There are thousands of HTML templates you will find customizable to use for News website or even solely made for it. In either case, making this simple choice is very difficult. We found this really simple and minimalist New website template which is really great. It is very responsive, has immense cross browser compatibility and tons of free features. It is very easy to customize.

It is highly suitable for News, Magazine, Blog or any other website. It comes with 7 different Demos, Bootstrap 4 and CSS3.

#13 Backyard – High Converting Free Bootstrap 4 Landing Page Template

Backyard has its own perks that make it unique being a light weight landing page template created with Bootstrap 4 and HTML5 and its styling is incredibly well done that has capability to get edited. What makes all this possible? Yes, its, coding which is done so well that this simple template can save you pains.
It is simple to customize and use for apps and webs representing education, phone apps, real estate or travel etc with its 6 layouts and color schemes. Yes, its absolutely responsive and has everything that a nice HTML template is supposed to.

#14 Runner– Single Page HTML Template

Another wonderful and simple to edit, HTML template built with Bootstrap4, CSS and HTML5. This single page template is really worth a shot if you want to avoid the hurdles and get it done in a single shot.
It is a multipurpose HTML template built with HTML5, Bootstrap and CSS and is ideal if the need is to simply download something real quick, install, edit and up the site. Highly suitable for fitness and sports enthusiasts and startups

#15 Strata – Free To Use Responsive Personal template

Strata is very likeable for those who wish to create a personal blog or a personal website. It has many features such as configurable parallax, crazy beautiful background effects, Poptrox lightbox gallery and few very useful builtin elements.

So use it after some editing and enjoy this simply awesome HTML template for free.

#16 Mashup – Most Beautiful HTML Template

It is an other astonishingly beautiful HTML template that comes with pre-built blocks for creating a great website in minutes. It is not featured on any of the big marketplaces.

You can edit the entire HTML at will. Mashup template also includes a fully automated development that can help you create colorful website by using customizable fonts and colors.

#17 Call Center Multipage HTML5 Website Template

It is a multipage HTML5 template suitable for Call Center or any relevant business. Built with all the primary modern essentials this template has its own sublime sustenance to rank your website and stay error free. With SEO optimized features and fundamentals it is simply great. So use it for your business and make it grow faster.

#18 Wind Power

Wind Powers is a veteran among HTML templates and is a very sustainable HTML template which is unique and distinguishable from a distance. It was built almost 5 years ago by Studio7Designs but still works great for all the relevant business entities looking for something unique with a great foray of colors, options and editable layout.

#19 Ninestars – Best Free Bootstrap HTML Template To Cut Costs

Ninestars has really a thing for those who want to have a HTML website that stands out in the crows on a budget. Many of its features come free when one does not want to pay for it. It is highly customizable, responsive and comes with amazing cross browser compatibility.
So if you want to get something great on cheap this one can get you the best website. The modern environments and frameworks are used such as SaaS, NPM and GULP etc.

#20 Crystalo – Great Choice Of Interior Experts In 2020

It is a wonderfully crafted HTML template which is ideal for Construction, Architecture, Interior Design or any Industry website to feature their offers. It is highly responsive and powered by HTML5, jQuery, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3.
Design your modern website by customizing it to its entirety and reap the fruits afterwards. It’s a one time small investment that bears great results.

#21 Simple Life Simplistic Blog Template

It’s a very clean single HTML template that gives you all the basics for blogging or business websites. Its vertical scrolling makes it suitable blogging. It comes with a lot surprising features and is phenomenal in its own way; very responsive, smooth and powerful.
Don’t forget to read its usage rights. It is different from other HTML templates and also has not been featured on many giant marketplaces.

#22 Best Store eCommerce HTML Template

Either it’s an online store or an eCommerce front, this responsive HTML template can make it quickly built and popularize. It is created to sell high quality goods in a nicely, posh and professional way.

It has surprising fancy slider, functional sidebars and many other colorful features that would make your selling experience fun.

#23 Hostza – Ideal HTML Template For Web Hosting

Hostza is a Hosting HTML5 Theme build with Bootstrap 3+ framework. You can edit each and everything of this theme according to your needs. It looks perfect on all major browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

There are very few HTML themes built solely for a web hosting company. Even if you find many not many fit your needs. But this one is different. Just check out its wonderful features. It is released in 2020s and comes with free home pages, many inner pages, blog pages and thousands of more small changes that you can tweak.

#24 Plazio – Boostrap Website Template

Built with Boostrap4, this HTML template is ideal for myriad of business websites. It has been tested for all the necessary elements that make any ordinary HTML template extra-ordinary. From its responsiveness to fonts, each of its features has own symbolic glow. It appears to be very interactive with photo gallery, portfolio, tableless, has a great slider and very responsive for ideal websites.

#25 Gappa – Ideal HTML Template for Chat Platform

There are very few templates available that comply professionally with chatting apps. There are two builtin versions available for a quick start. It depends upon the need for your app’s settings, usage, details about users and even calls. It has been done up with absolutely clean coding that you can entirely modify it. Besides, its features can be used even without altering anything.

#26 Luxestate – Ideal Real Estate Template

When we talk about dealing on-page SEO smartly and site improvement, landing page has its crucial role to decrease bounce rate and engage visitors apart from other contents. It is where landing page HTML templates such as luxestate come. It has very catchy color grading and has Google fonts included. For mobile users it is very ideal one.

#27 Youth Fashion – Flat eCommerce Template

We have not emphasized much on eCommerce HTML template much previously in this post. Those templates that we discussed also deal partially with eCommerce. It has incredible functionality and refreshing trendsetting design. It is built on the frameworks of Bootstrap4, CSS3 and HTML5 to give users nicest experience.
It also comes with great color choices, Hover Animations, Image Zooming, Flat Grid Style, 100% responsiveness and cross browser support. For any shopping store it is the most ideal of all.

#28 Forty – One Of The Most Popular Templates Of Era Until Now

One of the remarkably created minimalist HTML template. It is built on modern technologies to give users the best of internet. On the technical side, it is a single click download and installation, customizable for styling and greater performance. It is very much ideal for photographers and agencies dealing in this discipline.

#29 Bookify – Best Booking Template of 2020 with Unlimited Possibilities

Just imagine if top booking giants such as Kayak, Travelocity, AirBnb and Booking.com would suggest something what would be the end result? A well structured template which is coded so well that it has become the prime choice for travel sites.
It comes with immense possibilities like more than 30 Homepages including hotels, vacation, flights, rentals, reviews and much more with as with so many HTML prebuilt templates the possibilities are innumerable.

#30 Bittumb – Most Creative Personal Portfolio Template

Today, we can find thousand of HTML templates and some of them are even free. All they ask for is a backlink. But the problem today’s templates have is that they need a lot customization. If you are not a pro web master it becomes a headache even though you have great support.
It is where this minimalist and most creative HTML template of 2020 comes. It is new and very useful for a personal portfolio and related websites.
It is highly recommendable for CV, Personal Resume or a simple Portfolio. It is very responsive, built on Bootstrap 4 framework, cleanly coded and much more.

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