34 Best LEGO Inspired Themes For Decorating Homes in 2020

LEGO themed interiors of children’s rooms and elder’s kitchen corners inspired million in 2019 and they are going to keep inspiring even more in 2020. We round up best 34 LEGO inspired room interiors 2020 to give you ideas how you should keep your kids rooms, your kitchens, corners and small spaces well used with these inspirational LEGO inspired designs.

LEGO is a highly respected toy brand among the kids, teens and elders at the same time and our childhood treasure to cherish and recall. These building blocks kits provide kids a great way to not only pass time but also teach and educated them. Many of our kids are so fond of these toys that they want everything built of LEGOs.

Besides, technically the LEGO inspired interior gives our homes a totally different soothing feel which inspires every visitor while the kids love these interiors a lot.

1. LEGO inspired theme interior without really anything LEGO in sight

best lego themes 2020
Via Archdaily

At a first glance this room does not, at all, look LEGO inspired. But if you look closely you will realized the difference. The yellowish geometric shelved unique reveal the small yellow LEGO man. Besides the door is also colored LEGO-blue which looks amazing against the otherwise white room.

2. The BEST of LEGO Movie Room

best lego themed kids room
Image Pinterest

This decked out LEGO room reminds us of LEGO movie and shows that this room must belonging to a fan of it. A poster featuring the movie itself with the curtains and bedding representing the movie’s prime character this room is all awe-inspiring LEGO room. Every detailing has been done in such a way to theme the room a perfect LEGO example with block letter wall decals along with storage unit at the foot of the bed.

3. A Typical LEGO Inspired Lounge

kids lego room designs 2021
Via ideadecoration

Every parent with a lot of children at home knows that it is difficult to adjust more than two kids in a single room specially when they want it decorated to their choosing as well. But this decorator has proved them wrong. With two bunk beds with hideaway pullout beds can accommodate six easily this room tells the story of myriad possibilities when the kids are LEGO fans as well.
The room seems painted with awesome shade of bold blue and portrays a little more with LEGO wall decals. The little touches make illusive LEGO head figures to appear coupled with LEGO themed bedding pull out beds.

4. Teenage Girls Bedroom With LEGO Touches

kids lego room designs 2019

This room in the picture shows like it belongs to a chic boudoir of a city girl And the small sized accents show that LEGO is not restricted to kids alone. LEGO wall canvases could be noticed leaning against awesome leather headboard and sqaured nightstands give the impression of stacked LEGO blocks colored in soothing shades of light green and yellow.

5. A Kitchen That Represents A LEGO Fan at Childhood’s Adultage Fandom

kids lego room interiors 2020

This room shows that it belongs to an adult LEGO lover presenting a fancy designed art deco boutique hotel. For creating the illusion of stacked LEGOs the hollow painted wooden blocks are used. And this LEGO van Gogh wall canvas gives it a perfect finish. However, kitchen’s amazing aspects include chalk paint that lets the owner change the wall art as they find fit after sometime. Besides, the Cookie Monster makes this kitchen look a perfectly done kitchen.

6. LEGO Inspired Balcony Or Backyard

how to design lego balcony

One of the many examples that why LEGO is not restricted to the liking of kids only. The jumbo LEGO planters with colors and wooden bars could be seen used here by the owner. It, apparently a DIY LEGO project, is a perfect recreatable project to relive the childhood LEGO love to be done to a balcony and backyard that does not look cartoonish at all.

7. Teepee & LEGOs go together

teepees for lego interior
Via :

Teepees make an inspiring addiction to the kids rooms. It just does not serve as a DIY done wooden poles and fabric but it gives kids fun and play at the same time. You can see behind the Teepee there stands a dedicated wall design created with geometric shapes. A jumbo statue from LEGO blocks sitting against geometric design define this room as pure LEGO themed.

8. Creating LEGO Inspired Wall Decals

kids lego fantasy room 2020

Many LEGO room ideas are incomplete without wall decals that can be placed anywhere and affixed anywhere without hampering the colors or wallpapers. This room shows that the decorator has used several little stacks of LEGO blocks on the bed and bureau and are used to show the illusion of falling into space between. The multicolor decals have added flashy cartoonish touch as well.

9. Always Have Fun With Color

lego kids room designs 2020

Creating a LEGO themed room does not mean to pile up hundreds of giant LEGO blocks or figurines but using them correctly to create bright, colorful and cheesy space that child actually find adorable.
This room in the picture shows the masterful use of colors. The bunk bed units colored with lovely reddish, bluish and greenish hues give perfect example of a LEGO fanatic fume. Not only that even the blades of ceiling fans are colored in alternating the same ceiling fans you can find on departmental stores as well.

10. This is How You Can Design A LEGO Themed Kitchen

lego color tables

LEGO is such a craze that it is equally important for adults and kids. We as an adult still adore the aspects of LEGO. So if you are a LEGO fan as well, don’t feel bad about it. There are plenty of interior design ideas LEGO themed for you as well. See this picture for instance. The decorator has used all the colors and multicolor paint with block print backsplash to the whole kitchen island. The island looks brilliant with the bright red colored stools. Despite so much color and wonderful array it does not look cartoonish at all. The end result is absolutely modern, contemporary and state of art at the same time.

11. A Very Custom LEGO Room

Customized lego room 2020

We can always create amazing giant LEGO blocks accent walls for the interior by using wood panels and painted bold hues. The perfect blend of LEGO blocks furnishing could be created with large wooden circles painted in matching colors and leaving some room empty for placing a bed in. We can buy hanging wooden block letters from the stores and get painted to our liking even we can get kid’s name crafted atop the bed if we like.
See this picture for example. The decorator has done almost the same by choosing to paint the lettuce blue to match black and blue bedpsread with the same accuracy and it looks pleasing to eyes.

12. Phenomenal Foray Of Colors Perfectly Blended Against White Space


Why adults and kids fall for LEGO inspired room decors? One of its chief aspects is that we all love LEGO inspired accents because they change to a bursting beautiful room from an otherwise dull one. Check this picture for example. The decorator has used stark white for walls and has added yellow, red, blue and green LEGO decals as well. For creating design above the desk LEGO figurine decals are used. On the other hand, the juxtaposing red and blue stools have beautified the white carpet flooring. The whittish window trimming shows the gorgeousness of natural sunlight.

13. A LEGO Themed Corner From Top To Bottom

lego themes for children rooms 2020

While decorating a room we don’t get a conventional single room space all the time. Check this picture where the decorator has created LEGO inspired upstairs loft. To tie the LEGO theme together he has used wall decals instead of using white. The red and blue flashes can be seen oozing beautifully against the hardwood flooring and white walls. It also shows you can always create a LEGO themed design anywhere in your house no matter how small or large the space is.

14. The Glittering LEGO Light Fixture 

how to create a lego ceiling
Via :

For creating a perfect juxtaposition we have seen the splash of color usage in a number LEGO designs here many times. Check this room in particular with incredible LEGO furnishing done with great detailing with awesome LEGO overheard light fixtures and the usage of big LEGO block. The decorator has also drilled holes in the pegs for the spillage of light. So if you want to create a LEGO theme kid room littered with light this example is the perfect fit for your kid.

15. LEGO Inspired Room With Windows in Spotlight

best kids lego room designs

We mostly place a bed under a large window for decorating and adjusting a child’s room many times. It also beautifies the room manifold by giving an illusion of big space even if the bed is there as a center point of attention and soaking up the light. The LEGO collectibles and figurines are also used for colorful shelving units and to create beautiful foray of color LEGO wallpaper is used. The whole LEGO theme is tied together with the bed. All these additions make this room a perfect blend of LEGO theme.

16. An Absolutely Amazing LEGO Room Design From Future

Source: houzz.comCheck this abstract looking modern LEGO room. It shows eye catching design put up by the LEGO platform bed. The outside walls of this elevated bed portray storage cabinets that look like giant LEGO blocks. There are two more LEGO shaped floor drawers seen for keeping the LEGO toys and kids clothes. For giving ethereal lighting glow the decorator has used set of track lighting. The geometric use of multicolored squares makes the walls splendid. This whole LEGO theme is tied amazingly and a perfect example of one of the best LEGO based rooms.

17. How to Use Small Space For Creating A Perfect LEGO Themed Kid’s Room?


LEGO themed rooms are admirable at every stage and in every shape. As each of them has its own reflection uniqueness. Check this picture for example a narrow room has been used with the help of smart interior technique for creating enough storage space. The blending of white wardrobe against the plain white walls looks superbly done. For stripes two colors are used with two fixed yellow LEGO head decals. The top of the bed is adorned with huge multicolored LEGO boxes while the yellow shelf on the top of desk is used for the purpose of extra space. A cabinet is seen sitting at the foot of the bed for keeping or hiding LEGO toys or just any toys.

18. A LEGO Themed Interior Decor Idea For Girls 

lego for girls 2020

This room is typically built for LEGO fan girls with a LEGO kit instead of using blocks.
This is another bedroom that’s inspired by a specific LEGO kit rather than the blocks themselves. Little girls who are LEGO fans love Heartlake City line LEGO building kit to create dream castles. This room in the picture portrays amazingly done small room with the kit.

19. Real LEGO Pirate Ship Themed Room Design

lego pirate theme 2020
Via :

Are you a fond of LEGO pirate theme? Check this interior design for instance. At first it looks like a classic interior of a finely decorated home. While looking closely you will figure out the LEGO pirate theme which is perfect for such a fan. It the second theme after Star Wars that the LEGO fans love to have. Did you notice the LEGO pirate skull featured on the two of throw pillows lying against a red and white striped bedsheet. A pirate map is also seen on the rug on the beautifully crafted hardwood flooring. The mahogany furniture with dark leather armchair just makes it a perfect LEGO pirate themed room.

20. A Perfect LEGO Wall Art Design

art wall lego 2021
Via: see-bee

If you are a fan of LEGO wall art consider checking out this picture. A LEGO wall mural is seen cut into two uneven shapes. Having pasting them to the wall a black paint has been used for outlining those shapes for the perfect illusion of pale blue wall opening and revealing the real LEGO wall from the inside. Such an amazing blend of thought and LEGO presented through art. This design is very genuine in its own presentation of art and LEGO together and reflecting a perfect blend of both.

21. A Blend of Classic Colors


Check this room out. Instead of decorating it exclusively with LEGO theme the decorator has done just one wall LEGO inspired. The LEGO shapes are done on the wall with different colors to create the illusion that the wall somewhat was created from LEGO blocks. This is one perfect LEGO room for a child with simple furniture placed inside.

22. LEGO Done The Right Way

ceiling lego ideas 2020

The square centerpieces of alternating hues brightly inspired by the LEGO color blocks make the floor look uniquely done in a LEGO themed bedroom. Moreover, this room can accommodate four beds redesigned just like it with a wooden bunk bed unit painted with deep navy blue color. The red accented wall connects the whole theme well looks perfect LEGO room with LEGO inspired throw pillows on a simple red bed.

23. LEGO The Tiny Way


This decorator has tried every bit to this tiny office a LEGO touch just a LEGO theme is not restricted to kids a lone even elders can retreat through the colorful foray. See here, one wall is painted bright red while two have LEGO wall decals while the remaining space is painted with demure blue. When you throw a gaze the eyes will be drawn to the accent wall. A perfect office space for someone who wants to revisit his childhood love for LEGO.

24. A Perfect LEGO Themed Room For Kid

Check this room in the picture that looks every child’s dream room. This decorator has created a wonderful LEGO inspired kid’s bedroom with a loft bed. The base is designed with various wooden color fixtures as huge LEGOs. So anyone who wants to create a perfect LEGO inspired room for the kids this example is worth duplicating with the help of a loft bed and a lot different colors.

25. Star Wars 


This room is a perfect example for the Star Wars fans who want to decorate their LEGO themed rooms. The franchise’s longest list of merchandises is albeit LEGO inspired. So this room is a perfect example for someone who wants to decorate the LEGO themed room with Star Wars orientation. For connecting the both this decorator has placed the big LEGO star wars murals to the walls and painted them with different colors afterwards.

26. A Minimalist LEGO Inspired Room


Want to decorate your kid’s room LEGO inspired but at the same time don’t want to redesign the whole room check this picture. The decorator has done it stunningly with minimalist efforts. The easily removable LEGO wall decals in this room without fixing wallpapers have done the job. For perfect accent big LEGO blocks are used for evoking a perfect LEGO theme without altering the whole room.

27.  Artist’s Painted Mural Totally Makes Everything More Meaningful

Via: homearchdesign

If you want to give your child a LEGO inspired room but lack enough room for that, don’t worry. This room in the picture shows that you can do anything with a small room space. For art inspired LEGO enthusiasts this hand-painted wall art is inspiration that portrays an array of LEGO inspired characters on a cloudy backdrop to make it genuinely artistic. However, the neatly stained wooden furniture shows the delicately done wall-art without overshadowing the texture. So finally, your kid would love this small LEGO inspired room created out of small space.

28. A Solely Done LEGO Loft Bed

Via :

Whenever we talk about decorating rooms the bed becomes the central point. This LEGO inspired room is no exception. Such loft bed can be recreated at your own home by fixing painted wood rectangles with alternating colors to already placed bed. For creating visible LEGO look across the perimeter of the bed use the painted wooden circles and for a colorful chair fabric glue, pool noodles and colored foam are necessary. For enhancing it further with colorful throw pillows to be used with a shimmering red bedspread knot this together and give it a perfect LEGO look.

29. A Perfect LEGO Accent Wall From Russia


A thousand of varied colors LEGOs have been used on this wall to get the best LEGO inspired entryway to the kitchen in this picture. By doing this similar wall could be decorated in any kid’s bedroom. For creating a long and tall wall made of LEGO blocks a strong adhesive is required to fix them to a wallpaper. Even if your child does not like LEGO anymore it can be removed easily as well.

30. A LEGO For Elders

Via: exodus2017

Do you love LEGO inspired rooms for your kids and yourself as well? If you want to decorate a LLEGO room for the kids and for grown ups as well with LEGO touch this is the perfect wall as such example for you. This room portrays a fun adult LEGO wall purely painted with a LEGO wallpapers rendered as cartoonish. Because the wall seems to be center of attention here this room could be said for an adult and a child’s LEGO nest.

31. A LEGO Inspired Headboard With Perfectly Matching Valance

Via: designerwithheart

The expert interior designers always put force on the proper use of a bedroom with a headboard and a window valance. This room has been decorated accordingly.And it is absolutely true that a bedroom with a headboard and window valance can enhance or decrease the beauty of your room. If you want to decorate a room like this use colored vinyl sheets to an already placed wooden headboard and a spray adhesive to a valance. For creating illusion of raised circles on the design use black and grey paint. For creating a perfect teenager’s room this decoration is perfect.

32. A Red And Yellow LEGO Perfect Blending Being Distant At The Same Time

Via: rodgersfarm

Bright colors always make it a perfect LEGO-inspired room for kids. This room has been decorated with a red and a large yellow LEGO block bedspread with a clear red bedding set. The red shelved room is decorated with beautifying yellow LEGO figures.

33. The Power of Simply Yellow

Via: designerwithheart

Very simplistic LEGO decorated room that show you don’t have to spend a fortune for getting a LEGO room done precisely. This room has been painted with bright yellow shade. You can feel classic LEGO with the red bedspread and a trimmed window. There is a framed LEGO poster could be seen as well. You can get such beautifully LEGO designed room on a budget.

34 A Perfect Blend of Yellow, Red And Blue For The Two

Via: inhabitots

Looking for a LEGO decorated room for two?
Check this room out. The decorator has made the best use of two design units and colorful paint to make them look like large LEGO blocks and the room looks well divided. The cube storage units are installed for getting some extra space by the window. As it is painted with alternative bright colors and blocks inspired by LEGO. This interior decorum shows that you can create perfect spacious room with LEGO for two kids.

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