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Latest Trends in Web Design to Make Your Site Successful

Because of its medium, constantly developing new technologies and a steady onslaught of new demands, web design is permanently shifting. What was new and revolutionary yesterday might be already terribly outdated the day after, which is why you have to constantly keep your ear to the ground and adapt to the fast paced changes. We have tried to list some of the currently dominant web design trends and give you a general overview of the things being done in web design today. Scroll through to explore a variety of latest web designing trends and how it may affect the success of our website.

Responsive Design

responsive_webdesign_example_danielvane 1

With the rapid increase in the number of people who are going online via their handheld devices, such as smartphones or tablets, responsiveness is becoming ever more important. Site owners and web designers alike completely understand that this new huge segment of the market cannot be ignored and are more than willing to make online shopping, browsing the internet, and everything else that you can do online more convenient and accessible to everyone who wants access to it, regardless of their device choice.

Getting Rid of Flash


Even though Flash plugin has been used for quite a while and people have gotten used to it, the fact that a lot of handhelds are not able to run it might spell its demise. Even though it will probably still be used for some things, like casual games and such, people who want you to be able to have full access to the content on their site, even if you are viewing it on a smartphone, will probably stay away from it and use HTML5 instead.

Single Color Design

Single Color web Design

You can see more and more sites these days that look great and that are based around the shades of a single color. Even though this approach might seem a bit limiting, there are a lot of ways to display your creativity with just a single color, and people are interested in taking this challenge as visitors seem quite pleased with some of the solutions of this type. Using just one color allows you to establish a theme that you can play around with in a number of interesting ways.

Going Large

the purple bunny - large web design for mobile devices

Another symptom of web design trying to be more mobile friendly is that web designers are making content sections larger and more convenient for viewing on small screens of handheld devices. This might not be an ideal solution, as it might make the sites less convenient for viewing on your PC, but a lot of people have managed to find the perfect balance between the amount of content shown and its size.

More Boxes

web design with a lot of boxes

This approach was probably prompted by Windows 8 and its novel approach to organization. While a lot of people have been, and probably still are, less than amazed by this innovation, others quite like it and find it rather convenient. Whatever the reasoning, and whatever you might think about it, more and more websites are being made in this way, and it seems that things are going to stay that way for a while.

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