Top 20 Fun Party Games For Kids to Play at Home

Playing is not just fun it’s actually the most needful thing to do for kids. We like to give smart gadgets to our kids. That may make them smart but not physically strong. To make them physically strong and take actual tasks is very important.
Besides, during parties these kids need games to play among themselves. During Christmas, Halloween and birthday parties they need plenty of games to play. Check out these top 20 fun party games for kids that you will like to recommend to your kids and bring your family together.

1. Balancing Beam

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Balancing beam is a good game for kids and that helps them to gain their balance. Your kids will love this game during parties.
The Equipment You Need: Flat floor and colored tapes.

How to play balancing beam?

Use colored tape to make lines on the floor. You can assign different rules for different colored tapes. Like you ask the kids to stick to the blue colored tape-line on one leg while the other in the air. If he fails to do so he is out. The winner must not fall off the line. You can change rules if you want to.

2. Pitching Coins

Pitching pennies is really a good game if your child lacks focus and his limbs fail to coordinate with other senses.

Things you need to play pitching pennies: coins, table and empty cups

How to play pitching pennies?
Set the cup on the table and give an equal number of pennies to each kid. Ask the kids to stay at a distance. Then ask each child to toss one coin at a time into the cup. You can count the coins of each kid once they are done. The kid with focus will win the game. To make this game more interesting you can also use small balls.

3. Bowling

Create a simple bowling alley in your house and have fun. This game is also ideal for hand-eye coordination in children.

Create a bowling alley for kids and give each kid his turn to roll the ball. This game will also improve, focus, attention and body coordination of the kids.

Things you will need to make a bowling alley in your house:

  • Some space ideally a small alley
  • Empty bottles or any cans.
  • A ball, ideally a bowling or a tennis ball
  • Spray paint
  • Tape
  • A marker

How to play bowling at home?
Create a bowling line with the tape. Remove can wrappers off the empty bottles and color them with spray paint. Set the bottles at the end of the lines or you can change the settings or even make a bottle pyramid. Once you are done, ask the children to roll the ball and try to hit the bottles. You can buy the bowling kit if you want to.

4. In and Out Hangman

In and Out Hangman is an interesting game for kids. Most of the kids love this game.

Things you will need to play this game:

  • A board
  • A chalk
  • A set of interesting questions and answers

How to play In and Out Hangman?
Start putting up a question to a kid and write one or two letters of the answer in tiny blanks. Make sure to start with the easy answers that a child can easily guess or at least co-relate to the child’s study or age. Guide the child to guess a letter from the answer and another which is not in the answer. You can set a number for wrong answers for example seven which can be the stepping stones for completing the Hangman. If your child likes figurines, animations or games you can make the game exciting by choosing the related type of game.

5. Pictionary

Pictionary is an interesting game not just for the kids alone but for the adults as well. In this game, one participant is required to draw an image while the other needs to guess the name.

The required things to play pictionary: A board, a bowl and a marker or a pencil.

How to play pictionary?
You need to cut the small pieces of paper, then write names of them and put them in the bowl. A child has to pick a piece from the bowl and try very best to draw it without mentioning the name. Each kid can take a turn alternatively and they will love it. You can divide the kids even into groups to make it more fun and like a party game.

6. Sock Toss

The kids can play mini basketball with their friends with folded socks and a bucket.

Things required to play sock toss: You need socks, balls and a bucket to play.

How to play sock toss?
You need to roll the socks into balls and joint them together. Keep the bucket in a room corner or a place and make the child stand at a distance from it. Each child can take his turn and try to pitch the sock ball into the bucket. Each child can take turns alternatively. Make it difficult for the kids if they are pitching the balls into the bucket easily. If you want to make it more interesting then choose the bucket with a narrow opening.

7. Obstacle Course

Use your best skills and build an obstacle course which tries kids’ skills.

Things required to play obstacle course.

  • Chairs
  • Blankets
  • Exercise ball
  • Hula hoops
  • A rope or a pen and pencil to first map your course

How to play Obstacle Course?

Build the small obstacle course as your allocated space allows you to. Make rules for each obstacle to follow and make sure that there should be different paths to cross through those obstacles. For instance ask a child to go under a chair and then through the tunnel and then move to the other obstacles. Make sure that no child gets hurt.

8. Follow the leader

If there is a birthday party for your kid and you have to come up with a good game for them then ‘Follow The Leader’ is a good pick.

Requirements: Pick some activities and empty space

Choose a theme or some physical activities or even simple expressions. Give a chance to your child to be a leader and every kid will have to mimic how leaders perform. This simple game can make your kids participate in a healthy exercise to groom their personality.

9. Puzzles

Playing Puzzles is a very good game which can engage and educate the kids.

Requirements: You need quick witted puzzles or pictures

How to play puzzles with kids?
Make the children understand that they have to set puzzle pieces. If those are pictures or toys then first explain it to the children or if those are word puzzles then they need to understand it.

10. Card Games

Card games are strategic ones that could move kids to make strategies to carry on the game.

Requirements: Cards

How to play cards?
There are so many card games that you can play with kids. Some include spoons, trash, cards and crazy eights. While for the memory cards you need 2 decks of cards. You can invent your own small card games or even make own cards to play with.

11. Fort Building

Fort building can help you keep the kids engaged and improve their skills.

Requirements: Mostly home materials like pillows, chairs, empty boxes and bed sheets etc.

How to play fort building?
Make a cardboard fort by stacking up boxes and taping them. You can teach that to the kids. Make a pillow pile on the sides and throw a bedsheet on them to make it look like a colored fort. You can also make a gate and any entry point you want to.

12. Dominoes

Dominoes is really an addictive game which people of all ages can enjoy. You can stack them and then see them fall is really awesome. Dominoes is a kind of game which kids and elders can enjoy well.

Requirements: You need a domino set to play

How to play Dominoes?
Teach your kid how to arrange domino pieces or the way your child likes those to be and flip the first while the rest will follow. As the kid finds it the flipping easy you both can enjoy the game. There are different other ways to use dominoes, not just making a train.

13. Ice Tower Excavation

During the scorching heat you would like your kid to stay inside. Ice tower excavation is way better to keep them busy. The kids can enjoy the game for hours.

Requirements: a container, trinkets and toys etc.

How to play Ice Tower Excavation?

Take a big container, put toys in it and fill it with water. Put it in the fridge to freeze. When it becomes ice then take the container out. Then take out the chunk of ice from the container as a whole. Give tools to your children to dig out the toys.

14. Reading A Story Book

Getting your child into the habit of reading is a great way to keep him occupied on most days.

It’s equally important to make your children develop a habit of reading books. If there are no other activities left and your children are tired you can read them inspiring story books.

How to play book reading with kids?
Take a book and read a few lines. If it’s a story book the child would love to read it. You can ask the child to read the next sentence which will excite him. To make the reading a pleasure you should pick a new book each time you read.

15. Freeze/Move


This simple game can be a great family activity that both adults and kids will enjoy.
This game seems pretty simple but it’s awesome. This activity will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Requirements: Music and some empty space

How to play freeze and move?

Arrange the kids in circles across the empty space and turn the music on. Tell them to stop when the music stops. To make this game fun you can ask the kids to perform in different postures.

16. Paper Bag Prop Skits

‘Paper Bag Skits’ is an ideal game for older kids or those who would like to play this type of game. When you have many kids around this game is really fun.

Requirements: Paper bags, spoons, socks, balls and other articles.

How to play Paper Bag Skits?

Arrange the kids with paper bags each. Fill those paper bags with different props. Then ask them to make skits using their own imagination. Let them take the due time and then also give them some time to explain their skits.

17. Hide and seek

Hide and Seek is a popular game and kids love to play it anywhere anytime. This game is not restricted to the kids alone, even adults can play with kids to make it more fun.

How to play Hide and Seek?

One of the children is required to close his eyes and count until all others hide. When all the other kids are hidden except the seeker and the seeker should start looking for them. The first caught by the seeker has to seek others once the seeker is done finding all the participants. To make it more fun play it in the dark and make sure the place is child friendly.

18. Treasure Hunt

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If there is any great game for kids which they like the most is treasure hunt. You can teach your kids to learn a great deal of using his cognizance and finding things.

Requirements: Coins, treats, things and space to play around.

How to play treasure hunt at home with kids?
Hints are crucial to make treasure hunt fun. Without which the kids will get bored. So leave hints for kids to find the things which you have hidden under the bed, in boxes or cupboards.

19. Hot Potato

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Kids love to play hot potatoes. For a group of small boys this game is a haven.

Requirements: just a potato and some music

How to play hot potato?

Make them sit in a circle and pass the potato to each other
Play music
Stop the music, and the kid with the potato is out. The last one to remain wins

Arrange kids in a circle and give the potato to the first kid. Turn on the music and stop it after 10 seconds. The kid with the potato gets out. Keep playing until the last kid remains while all others are out.

20. The Listening Game

The listening game can improve your child’s listening. This game is really engaging. Try this game once and you will recommend it to other parents.
Requirements: Toys, balls, forks etc.

How to play the listening game with kids?

First let your child see the things closely that you have chosen to play with. Once he is through, ask him to close his eyes. Make sounds with the object you want your child to find. If he guesses correctly then move to the next one.

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