The New Moto 360 Watches Explained

Motorola’s Moto 360 was one of the most hyped smart watches of last year. It offered a beautiful circular design and hardware that blew any other smartwatch out of the water. Unfortunately, when it came out there were a few things that a lot of people were less than impressed with. For example, it came with a processor that as already outdated, let alone future proof. On top of this, it offered an awful battery length barely lasting a day. And finally, the display was less than impressive and not as high resolution as quite a few people would have liked for the display size and finally, people weren’t happy that changing the watch straps over required a lot of fiddly work and resulted in a few snapped backings of their watches.

Therefore, this year’s Moto 360 watches look to improve on everything that people complained about last year. Motorola had gotten off to a good start with their design and simply needed to improve on the internal of the device. Have they done enough this year to do that? Let’s find out about the THREE Moto 360 watches that Motorola announced at IFA this year.

Moto 360 Men and Women’s Versions

This year, Motorola are looking to sell a watch for everyone, not just the gadget geeks. Last year, their reason behind making a circular watch that looked like a traditional watch is for the simple fact that they wanted people who weren’t necessarily gadget geeks to be interested in them. This year, they’ve gone one step further and introduced two Moto 360 models, a 46mm for Men and a 42mm watch face for women. This is similar to how the Apple Watch has sold their watches with a larger and a smaller version for men and women. It’s a great idea and certainly opens up the prospect of more people being interested in them.


When it comes to specs, the Moto 360 has been improved in nearly aspect and has certainly covered all the concerns of last year’s watches. The battery life has received a big increase to apparently give the 46mm a two-day battery life and the 42mm a day and a half battery life. This is about a double increase on last year’s versions. The processors are now quad-core Qualcomm SnapDragon 400 which is far more powerful and far more energy efficient than last year’s processor. This is great as not only does it mean that the Watch will run smoother but it will, as aforementioned, likely last longer too.


When it comes to the display, that has received an improvement too, bringing it in line with the Apple Watch and others in terms of pixel density. The actual panel itself is similar to last years and sow e won’t see quite as beautiful colours or representation as possibly the LG Watch Urbane or the Apple Watch. However, there weren’t any complaints about last year’s panel other than the lower pixel density.

Moto Maker

In the Us at least, Motorola are looking to allow customers to fully customise their watches before they buy them from the Motorola website. You can choose the strap, the casing colour, the colour of the bezel and for men, a 46 or 42mm watch face size. This is something that a lot of people find appealing about the Apple Watch. The ability to change certain aspects of the watch as you buy it make it really appealing to a lot of customers. Watches are seen as fashionable items and therefore, being able to buy them so they match your style or outfits choices is something that will appeal to a lot of people in this modern day and age.


Motorola have stated that there’s over 300 possible choices with the difference sizes taken into account. This means there’s probably just over 150 actual different colour combinations that you can go with. This is surely plenty enough options to make the geekiest or the most fashion conscious person happy when it comes to customising the watch online.

Work With iPhone

It was recently announced in the latest update to Android Wear that Android Wear devices will now be able to work with iPhones. This is an absolutely huge step from Android as it opens up the prospect of iPhone users now having far more choice when it comes to smartwatches as opposed to just having the Apple Watch. This is great for the Moto 360 because now it can appeal to the huge iPhone audience who may be interested in getting a smartwatch but prefer the look of a circular one. Plus, let’s all admit, the Moto 360 is far better looking than any other smartwatch out there, including the Apple Watch.


There are some limitations to the compatibility such as the fact that third-party apps can’t access Android Wear yet and you can’t install separate applications that take advantage of the software. However, you can still answer calls, respond to texts (Google Hangouts and Gmail really for now) and can see every notification you get through on your phone onto your watch which is always incredibly handy. Right now only Google applications allow you to use the heavily based notification interaction such as archiving email, responding to Google Hangouts or getting maps notifications from Google Maps. But more will likely come.

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