The Hypr-3 Biometric Payment System for Bluetooth Devices

Hypr 3

Hypr aims to offer device-to-cloud biometric security for almost any Bluetooth enabled device with the small Hypr-3 gadget, meaning you can easily prevent fraud on a tablet or smartphone that doesn’t currently have biometric capabilities as long as it supports HCE (host card emulation).

At 3.77mm, the Hypr-3 ‘bio-sticker’ is even smaller and lighter than a memory stick or USB drive and can be stuck to the back of a mobile case, kept on a keychain or held safely in your wallet or bag. It helps to secure payments made through a Bluetooth enabled device by acting as a ‘bio-token’ and using three part authentication based on the ideas of something you have, something you are and something you know.

The Hypr-3 is one part of the three part authentication system, the built in fingerprint scanner is what transmits the second, making it easy to confirm your identity- just quickly swipe your finger and Hypr-3 will send an encrypted token to your phone confirming that you are who you are say you are. The third part of the system is usually a pin code or password that you can key into your phone, allowing it to authorise the transaction and send cloud-based confirmation. You can then use your NFC (Near field communication) enabled phone or device with a NFC terminal to complete a transaction.

Hypr 3 2

In a way not dissimilar to Google wallet, the Hypr-Pay app will allow you to store credit and debit card information on your phone in a mobile wallet in a tokenized and encrypted format that can only be accessed once the user has gone through biometric authentication. Authorisation takes place in the cloud so hackers and viruses that may have gained access to your device won’t be able to see or use your details.
Hypr-3 will be capable of making transactions in Bitcoins by calculating the value of a Bitcoin in your currency and charging your card with the relevant amount. In addition the Hypr-3 has an open API, meaning that developers can build their own apps to integrate with the gadget. This could also include banks who may use Hypr-3 authentication in their apps or credit card providers which could offer the option to view statements.

Hypr 3 3

The size of the Hypr-3 makes it convenient and easy to use, but it helps to secure payments as a would-be thief would need to have your device, your finger, access to your hypr-3 and know your pin before being able to make transactions. The cool payment gadget is relatively low maintenance as it takes small watch-style batteries that will last for around a year or so before needing to be replaced.
As mobile payments have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years, so too have hackers and fraudsters that take advantage of newer technology and users who don’t fully know how they should be protecting their details. Gadgets like the Hypr-3 will make mobile security more accessible as the low $20 price point coupled with the fact that biometric fingerprint swipe technology is still new enough to be considered futuristic and cool will likely entice people into buying such an easy to use device.

The Hypr-3 is available now to preorder from the Hypr website for $20.

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