Top 6 Weather Apps for iOS and Android

We all like to know what the weather is doing, what the temperature will be like on a weekend, whether it will effect travel plans or even to base your outfit on it. Most smartphones come with a built in weather application, with a vague display of what the next week’s forecast is predicated to be with a basic symbol to accompany it. However,  compared to the applications we have to offer here, the simplicity of a basic weather app will feel pointless and extremely basic in comparison. Here we have put together 6 weather apps for iOS and Andriod that we feel are unrivalled in the field.


WeatherBug – for Android (free) and iOS (free)

WeatherBug is a speedy app that comes packed with information and is sure to meet all your weather needs. This app is great for alerting you to dangerous weather alerts , with added features including live cameras in certain areas, GPS localisation and interactive maps. Another really nice feature within this application is that there are social media sharing options, so you could share the weather for a weekend, tag friends and use it to arrange events such as on a sunny day have a BBQ. There is a lot to do on WeatherBug as this is far more that your average weather forecast app.


Yahoo! Weather – for Android (free) and iOS (free)

Yahoo! Weather is not only informative but is great looking. This proud winner of Apple’s 2013 Design Awards has a stunning interface which is simple to navigate with modern qualities to it. This app is extremely to the point and perfect for those that are looking for a glance at the days weather without the advanced jargon that comes with it. Yahoo! Weather shows upto a 5 day forecast, which is a reasonable amount of days in advance for most people, with an hourly weather prediction paired with beautifully designed symbols to match.


Arcus Weather – for Android (free)

Arcus Weather is a modern, flat designed application that gives a precise and highly detailed overview of the current weather forecasts in a non-intimidating and simple to view way. You do not have to be a weather expert to get on with this app, but your friends will think you are as Arcus Weather gives you such a detailed prediction of the future forecast down to an hourly forecast for two days. Arcus is very user friendly and will give you time frames in which the weather will be changing, such as the rain will stop in 15 minutes, this feature is so useful.


Weather Timeline – for Android £0.99

Weather Timeline does exactly what the title suggest in being a timeline for the upcoming weather for both a weekly forecast and a more indepth 48 hour forecast. This app is modern and great looking, which makes it more appealing. A cool feature to this is app is that you can look back in time over weather forecasts that were months and years prior the current forecasts to see what the weather was like all the time ago. Overall, this app is developed to an extremely high quality and is a smooth and fun to use.


AccuWeather – for Android (free) and iOS (free)

AccuWeather is an app that is perfect for those that like to see the weather forecasts well into the furture; AccuWeather provides an insight into over a fortnights weather ahead of the current date with a 15 day weather forecast available. Once more, AccuWeather is available across 3 million locations, so it is highly probable that this application will be available for you, in your chosen location. What makes AccuWeather stand out from other weather apps is the highly detailed minute by minute forecast to see what the weather will be doing for the next two hours, which is an amazing feature to have and could prove invaluable.

funny or die weather

Funny or Die Weather – for iOS (free)

Funny or Die Weather provides an element of comedy to the field of weather applications, hence the name! This weather app makes dull wintery forecasts humorous as they know how depressing the weather can be. However, the comedy value to this app does not take away from the smooth design and quality of weather forcasts provided. The Funny or Die Weather app shows a 5 day forecast alongside witty catchphrases to match your location. This application is a great day to day basic weather app that will be sure to brighten your mood, but is not for those looking for precipitation maps and highly detailed predictions. With this in mind, this app does come with features including humidity, wind speed, sunrise and sunset times.

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