Breakthrough Tips – How to Break Free from a Weight Loss Plateau

You all probably had gone through the same alternating weight loss plans but never get to the weight goal that you wanted for long. You can try diets, alternatives, and even be referred to a medical professional. And nothing works.

That would be because you have reached a weight loss plateau wherein everything seems not to budge anymore. That’s a bad stage to be in because it may create frustrating and sometimes may propel you to give up. Nevertheless, experts still has a solution for this plateau stage.

But as I’ve said, don’t give up. Even the best and well planned weight loss plans may not do the job during this equilibrium. The way is to understand that it is natural in all weight loss plans.

Why Plateau Happens?

Weight loss plateaus are stages wherein you experience a hump in attaining your goal. This stage is where you are already ready to give. Things start to not to go as planned. That would be because when starting weight loss plan, you may be losing weight fast. But in the middle, everything starts to get stopped. You feel discouraged. But that would be because your body is adjusting for the moment.

This is the time when everybody fails, because they fail to realize that they need to push their selves a little for now. There are just some fool proof way to push and nudge your elf a little to start losing it all again.

Most people get surprised when it happens, but then giving up on your routine or your gym membership is not the answer. Remember because you now have lost muscles during your initial weight loss; it became harder for your body to burn more at the middle of the plan.

How to DO It?

  1. Mix up your routines. So if at the moment you are only concentrating on a certain routine, and then try to alternate it with another one. Mix it up with several other exercises. If you have aerobics, then start to do some strength training. You can also add the length of time that you are spending in a single routine. Add intensity then lower it then let it rise again.
  2. Reassess your habits. Know where you started losing it or where you have gone slack.
  3. Start a food diary. You should realize that tracking down your food may help you in getting past the plateau. Know what you eat during the little weight gain or the moment you loss some.
  4. Change eating habits. As you knew already what foods are not to eat, then start planning your meals for good. You can break your three meals a day in five smaller meals. That would help in easier metabolism and easy digestion. Thus resulting to weight loss and lesser fat stored.
  5. Skip dessert. Skipping dessert may help you in losing weight and breaking off the stagnant stage. IF you can’t then dessert on fresh fruits and not on cakes and other calorie laden sweets.
  6. Weigh in every week. This will help you monitor it closer.
  7. Do more activity even outside the gym. Have a walk and do more lifts at home. Do not have everything in the gym or your training session only.

We all know that losing weight isn’t easy. It is frustrating most of the time. You may even get to the point of being too depressed that you will altogether revert back to your old weight before your weight loss goal. That’s the bad part of it all.

But to add to this, you should also program yourself to understand your body. You cannot have it in a day or two or even in a month or two. Work on it both in mind and body. A little will and determination can make a difference too. Never take everything easy, take it seriously. The best motivation there is the body that you will be aiming after the routine.

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