Top 10 Games to Get Excited For in 2015 – Best Games to Release in 2015

Gaming is never going to slow down and being a part of the way into 2015, we still have an incredible list of games coming in 2015 to get excited about. With some revolutionary technology advancing gaming graphics and engines, games are becoming better looking and including larger worlds.

2015 is looking to be one of the best years for gaming and so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most exciting games coming out this year. Obviously there are games that have not yet been announced that are obvious titles such as the FIFAs and Call of Dutys of the world, but these are that etiolates with confirmed features and material out there online right now.

albion top 10 games of 2015ALBION ONLINE

RELEASE DATE: TBC, Currently in Alpha


The MMO RPG space is blowing up with some incredible games hitting the genre over the past few years such as Elder Scrolls Online and the new WoW Expansion: Warlords of Draenor bringing in millions of daily users. Therefore Albion is looking to take a slightly different approach to the genre offering the view from above similar to Diablo/Torchlight 2 style and allowing the players within the world to create their own civilisation.

Albion looks to be taking MMORPGs into the next generation with a truly sandbox feel where the economy and housing is run by the players with the ability to create and buy bigger houses and choose how much you sell your items for between one another. It’


Crafting system

Player-driven economy

Player housing

No class restrictions – be whatever you wear

Guild v Guild battles

battlefield top 10 games of 2015


RELEASE DATE: 17th March, 2015


Battlefield did really well when it first came onto the field as the first shooter in a while to truly compete against Call of Duty when it came to almost every aspect of the title. With Battlefield 3, some argued that final Battlefield was a better game than Call of Duty, it offered massive online multiplayer maps and some really good vehicle play along wit a brilliant storyline.

Battlefield Hardline looks to put players in the perspective of the police as opposed to the military which is a different route for the AAA title series. It’s a title that 6 million users have played the BETA of and so there’s clear interest in.


Destructible world

Draw from a military grade

Jump into one of the many new vehicles

Next-generation Multiplayer

Captivating Single Player Campaign

halo-5-top 10 games of 2015HALO 5: GUARDIANS



The Halo franchise is one that needs no introduction and as a result is a title that is always going to be incredibly hyped before each new game. The idea behind Halo 5 is a that you play as a new character which is the first in the series and as a result will potentially offer different gameplay styles. For example, we’re expecting to see jumping, sprinting and smashing heads apparently. This is something that we believe will bring the Halo series into the modern era and will really push the series to new heights.


New gameplay style with sprinting and jumping different

Clambering up to ledges

Brand new engine for unparalleled graphics and 60fps

batman top 10 games of 2015BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT



When Batman Arkham Asylum came out in 2009, it was praised for being the first true comic-book based game that was actually really good. It didn’t attempt to be too camp and took a darker, more toned-down attempt at the Dark hero. It had the ability to use gadgets to navigate puzzles and a revolutionary combat system that has since been used in many games since as to it’s brilliant.

Arkham Knight is the final title in this series after a series of successful games before it and it looks to take everything great about the previous three games and take advantage of the incredible new power behind it with the Xbox One and PS4 and not only make one of the best looking games of the year, but arguably one of the best games period. It will offer a new Batmobile to play in, a new storyline with a brand new villain that looks more badass than ever and some intriguing new gameplay elements to enhance the game ever more.


With the transition to Xbox One and PS4 you can now expanse the whole city without loading screens

Brand new Batmobile to play with

Gripping new story to end the Batman series

witcher top 10 games of 2015THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT

RELEASE DATE: May 19, 2015


The Witcher franchise has been around for 8 years now and has not only been setting the bar when it comes to graphics but also gameplay. The original Witcher blew people’s minds with it’s alternate potions system and advanced combat which felt more realistic than ever. Witches 2 was one of the best games and certainly one of the best RPGs of 2011 and Witcher 3 looks to certainly be a contender for one of this year’s games of the year also.

The changes to Witcher 3 are vast and here are some of them. Combat revolves around an action role-playing game system combined with the use of magic. The fighting system has been completely revamped. Introduced some new mechanics, such as witcher-sense, combat on horseback, and at sea, swimming underwater, and using a crossbow. Additionally, Geralt can now jump, climb, and vault over smaller obstacles. The climbing mechanics have been described as “not exactly” like Assassin’s Creed, but more “similar to what we have in Uncharted.” Item creation and potion brewing still remains as in previous games, but has been modified from The Witcher 2. There are 10 witcher signs, 5 original ones, each having an alternative form along with the original ones. The map has also been described as 30x larger than previous Witcher games and 20% larger than Elder Scrolls’ Skyrim. If these features and numbers don’t entice you into this game, then I’m not sure what will!


30x Larger Map than previous Witcher games

Every action affects the world around you

Dynamic day & night cycle affects monsters and their powers

top 10 games of 2015 the-division-will-get-first-xbox-one-gameplay-demo-at-gamescom-2014-video-454468-2-tom-clancy-s-the-division-ubisoft-delays-againTOM CLANCY’S: THE DIVISION



Games by Tom Clancy haven’t really shone lately, in fact they’ve almost gone out of the limelight completely over the past few years. However with the extended gameplay trailer of The Dvision hitting the web and some information about the gameplay, it has people very excited about what the game may have to offer.

The biggest hype with The Division is the incredible graphics that were shown off in the gameplay trailer, it looks to be a game that wants to match Call of Duty, Battlefield and others when it comes to gorgeous detail. However, Tom Clancy games have always had a brilliant way of making you feel like you’re part of a team and a special operations squad and rumours suggest this is what they’re trying to get back to with The Division.


Play on your tablet as a drone to aid those playing on a console

Next-generation graphics using the new Snowdrop engine

Unparalleled gun combat

no-mans-sky top 10 games of 2015NO MAN’S SKY



This may not be one of the most mainstream titles to hit gamers ears this year but the whole concept, beautiful design and idea of this game has intrigued many and as a result has become one of the most anticipated games of the year. Simply put: No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. If this doesn’t intrigue you, then I don’t know what would.

Along with this, No Man’s Sky apparently will offer random enemies to fight in this infinite procedurally degenerated galaxy with infinitely generated planets and works to explore. The general idea is that this game is attempting to create a world where every planet is different to everyone who plays it. A big ask but one that could pay off dividends!


Every planet’s landscape is different from the next, and populated by species never before encountered.

Collect precious resources on the surfaces of planets and trade them for the ships, suits and equipment that will take you to your destiny in the stars.

tomb raider top 10 games of 2015RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER



The original Tomb Raider reboot/prequel really shot the franchise back into the limelight once again with brilliant, explorative gameplay, arguably the best bow and arrow system tried yet and some gorgeous graphics as well. The looks to be a direct sequel to the original where we see Lara Croft going from having survived that island into learning herself and realising what she wants to do now.

There’s little on the game so far as we expect to hear more at E3 later this year, however what we know so far is the following: there will be a new crafting system based on materials you can collect, there will be a day/night cycle that changes not only on how Lara reacts, but also to which animals are out and how they react. This Tomb Raider has been described as the “next-generation Tomb Raider game” also so expect a little bump in detail and graphics which should be exciting considering how good looking the previous titles was.


Day/Night cycle to which animals and Lara react to

New crafting system based on materials picked up throughout the adventure

Better graphics to the prequel

uncharted top 10 games of 2015UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF’S END



When the first Uncharted game came out, it was to show people the graphics capability of the PS3 and it did this brilliantly. The subsequent 3 games improved upon not only the graphics but also the gameplay to a point where Uncharted 3 was not only one of the best-looking games on the PS3 but also one of the best games in general.

With Uncharted 4, they look to continue this formula of pushing the hardware but also producing brilliant combat, exploring and adventuring gameplay. With an improved combat system, as aforementioned and obviously enhanced graphics, we hope to see a great next-generation version of this incredible series.


Improved combat

Improved exploring with more vertical exploring in the world

A more beautiful game than ever before

In-game engine straight from the cutscenes



star-wars-top 10 games of 2015STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT

Star Wars games have always struggled when it comes to delivering high-quality console games that not only keeps to the fans’ idea of Star Wars but makes the game genuinely enjoyable to play. Star Wars Battlefront look to change all that with not only a good-looking Star Wars game but one that promises to be “the Star Wars game that all true fans have wanted”.

The game is brought to life by DICE, the famous developers behind the Battlefield series which already suggests good things. Apparently you’ll be playing through famous Star Wars battles and levelling up either on the light side or the dark side. There are few feature announcements yet and I’m sure we’ll see more at E3, but it still could be promising, we’ll have to wait and see.


Fight in some of the most historic battles in the Star Wars universe

Play on either the light or the dark side

Play through the ranks

Pilot your favourite Star Wars combat vehicles like Snowspeeders, Speeder Bikes, and AT–ST’s

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