5 Top Gaming Headsets For Maximum 3D Audio Quality in PS5

Since PS5 is officially out, we have reviewed 5 of the top headsets to maximize 3D audio and enjoy great gaming for just under $200 which makes them very affordable and lighter on purse. 3D Audio Tech. is used in the new PS5 for 3D audio using the audio engine called Tempest. If you are new to 3D audio, it’s totally out of the roof experience.
There is no great way to enjoy gaming and other media than listening to it on 3D audio headphones. There are hundreds of great gaming headsets to maximize audio quality. We have trimmed down to 5 best headsets which can maximize PS5 3D audio quality hundredfold during streaming.

When you search for 3D audio headsets you are served with hundreds of results including Razer Black Shark V2 Pro and SteelSeries Arctis 1. So we have reviewed top of the line headsets for amazing 3D audio headphones for maximum smooth listening.
The headsets we have selected below do not just give good quality 3D audio but come just under $200.

#5 Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset


We reviewed this Sony Pulse 3D Wireless headset which is very obvious in some cases as most of the gaming experts prefer it due to its affiliation with PS5. This headset is not only from the mother of PS5 company but is also cost effective.
The Quality of 3D Sound
The audio quality of Pulse 3D is remarkably pleasing. For $99 this is Sony’s official wireless headset for the PS5 is worth your attention. However, the plastic frame makes it look a little flimsy.This is Sony’s Tempest 3D AudioTech powered which fully immerses you in special audio experience.
This headset was problematic for someone with bigger ears.

#4 SteelSeries Arctis 1


Welcome Steel’s Arctis Series 1 headset. This is another very affordable headset for gaming audio in 3D. It’s technically Steel Series’ low end wireless headset and surprisingly one of its best. If you are a Nintendo Switch fan it comes with a dongle needed for bluetooth connectivity.
It has individual ear controls, 20 hour battery life and comfy for big ears.

Quality of 3D Sound
This headset being pretty cheap on pocket is versatile, has great sound quality, fully supports 3D audio and very comfortable ear-cushions. So if you are looking for a nice and suitable substitute to Pulse 3D, this a solid 3D audio headset is for you for the exact same price.

#3 SteelSeries Arctis 7P


These headsets are basically a level up from Arctis Series 1 which come with a USB-C dongle that can be used on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch 2 and PC. So for the $50 more you can get the bigger, better and much improved headset for great 3D audio and gaming experience as compared to SteelSeries 1 Arctis and Pulse 3D. For $149 this headset is best in business when we compared it with other headsets in similar price range.

3D Audio Quality
The audio quality of Arctis 7P is at par with perfection which is a big leap higher and better than Arctis 1.

#2 Astro A40


What we found very best for 3D audio quality, next to Arctis 7P, in the same price range is this Astro A40 headset. If you are familiar with Astro A series, this one is a cheaper and better alternative as compared to other Astro headsets. A40 comes with a detachable microphone, a lighter frame and a wire connection for the same. It connects via the Dual Sensor 3.5mm port and supports both gaming audio and other media. This defines both things, whether you like a wire connection or not.

3D Audio Quality
It comes with a legit great 3D audio sound system. During the review we noticed that A40 has the same 3D sound quality as 50 and better than the all others that we mentioned earlier which makes it even more desirable.

So for great PlayStation 5 3D sound quality maximization, this headset is a great pick.

#1 Razer BlackShark V2 Pro


Welcome to Razer BlackShark V2 Pro with which you can enjoy non-stop gaming and comes 262g lightweight. It is a top-tier Razer headset with triforce titanium 50mm drivers. It is one of the most comfortable gaming headphones. It also has a very Hyperclear cardioid mic for clear chat. It delivers great audio quality with its wireless connection. It comes with the same high-tech engineering that Razer uses in its keyboards and Mice which gives it low latency goodness. It’s voice cancelling feature helps you remain more focused on gaming with advanced passive noise cancellation.

Although it comes with a pricier tag than previously reviewed headsets, it is totally worth the price.

3D Audio Quality


As things come pricey sometimes they also come with greater quality. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is the top-tier headset for delivering and maximizing great PS5 3D audio. It’s highly compatible and delivers great gaming sound experience.

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