Very Useful Gadgets For Smart Travelers

There are lots of gadgets in 2020 to choose from that are aimed at travellers. Our list consists of handy devices to suit many of the different types of travellers they are. What types of travellers were we thinking of when compiling the list? For starters, most of us will know a fussy eater. For travellers who want to know exactly what is in the strange-looking, foreign dish that is in front of them, consider buying the TellSpec in order to get all the nutritional information concerning your food. Then of course, is the traveller who likes to learn a new word (in a different language) every day. For travellers who want to be able to translate every word they are hearing and be able to translate their own sentences into other languages, think of buying the compact, little Birgus AI translating device.

Here are the 10 innovative travel gadgets we picked out, ranked in no particular order:

#1 Lightweight Large Smart Suitcase
largest smart suitcase 2020

Whilst there is a wide selection of smart devices out there on the market, you probably didn’t suspect a smart suitcase was included. Flymax have made the world’s first smart suitcase that can be controlled by your smartphone – it also recharges gadgets.

#2 AI Latest Language Translator

which is best language translator for travelers 2020

Birgus AI translator is a little latest device of 2020 that translates 106 languages with 98% accuracy. To be precise, it can translate languages with different accents– all in realtime. It can translate from your own language to another and translate other languages to your native one.

#3 TellSpec – A Smart Gadget That Tells You What’s In Your Food

TellSpec is a handheld device that gives you information on what exactly is in your food. It can tell you how many calories per 100g are in your food as well as providing information on nutrients and ingredients. Analyze your food’s content from your own smartphone.

#4 Coolest Wireless Speaker

The ShoqBox can wirelessly stream music from any device using Bluetooth and also has an integrated microphone so you can enjoy using it as a speakerphone too. The device has a practical waterproof cover.

#5 Free VPN For Travelers

free vpn for travelling 2020

SurfEasy does what its name says; it lets you browse the web with ease, no matter where you are. It’s a web browser and internet encryption tool that is small enough to fit in your pocket. It can be used on any computer to enable private browsing.

#6 Smart Gadget To Send Necessary Messages to Random Travellers

smart gadget send messages to random people
goTenna enables you to text and share your location with other goTenna users through connecting with your smart device. You can send texts using goTenna even if you don’t have any network for miles and miles and even if they use different devices. Devices are sold in pairs as another goTenna is required as you need two to form your own network.

#7 World’s First Smartspot


smart routers 2020

It Combines fast and secure 4G LTE WiFi in as many as 130 countries, a remote camera, power bank, and integrated smart assistant into this incredible single gadget ideal for vloggers and bloggers. Connect, post, charge, email, track, photograph and do much more all without SIMs.

Connect many devices at the same time using this portable Wi-Fi hotspot device. You can buy it on affordable price in GB and it works up to eight hours before requiring re-charging. Its 4G and the data it holds never expires.

#8 Treasure Tag – State-Of-Art Small Gadget To Help You Pack Everything

This tiny tag lasts up to six months on one battery and connects wirelessly to any Blueetooth-using device. It beeps whenever you forget an item, helping you make sure that you pack everything you need to when preparing for travel.

#9 Multipurpose Keychain For Travel Vloggers And Bloggers

The NomadKey is a keychain that can work from your car or laptop. It can be used to charge up phones and is only 3 inches long, meaning you can keep it in your pocket.

#10 Multipurpose HooToo Travel Gadget For Many Uses

iot travel gadgets 2020

This device is a portable Wi-Fi router so you can connect to the HooToo using Ethernet and start connecting multiple devices. It has other features like Filehub, iPhone iPad Portable SSD Hard Drive Reader, Photo Backup Device, 10400mAh External Battery Pack Travel Charger to share files on its mini network and can be used to charge smartphones and tablets.

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