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7 Of The Oddest Gadget Ideas Ever

We decided to find 10 of some of the oddest ideas and designs we’ve ever seen in gadgets throughout the years. These gadgets have odd looks, odd concepts and most of the time just don’t seem to be marketed at anyone in particular. So here are 10 of the oddest gadget ideas ever.

The Top MMORPGs You Can Play Right Now

Which Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games are worth your hundreds of hours and will have you engrossed like few other genres and titles can. Well, we’ve decided to give you a list here of the top MMORPGs you can play right now.

Top 10 Best Exercise Machines You Should Invest In

Working out at home is one of the most convenient ways to get fit as there’s no traveling involved, you don’t need to pay for gym membership and you can avoid the self-conscious feeling...

The New Moto 360 Watches Explained

Motorola’s Moto 360 was one of the most hyped smart watches of last year. It offered a beautiful circular design and hardware that blew any other smartwatch out of the water. Unfortunately, when it...

Top 5 Games that Make Use of Metal in Your New iPad Air 2

We wanted to highlight 5 games that make use of Metal in your new iPad Air 2. These are games highlighted by Apple to have graphical enhancements you’ll only see in the latest iPhones and the new iPad Air 2. Having played these games, we can assure you that they are truly stunning to play on a retina resolution at 60fps with some beautiful graphical details. So here they are…