How To Use Your Gaming Controllers With Your Computers

Now due to the advancements in technology and the invention of the Bluetooth and more announced innovations to come in 2020 which are in pipeline , you can use your MacOS, XBox, PS gaming controllers and they can be easily be connected to a PC or vice versa. So here we will focus on the latest X-box One, PS4 and Switch Consoles you can use with your PC.

gaming controller for computers 2020

Connecting to Windows

So first of all we will connect our X-box One controller to the Windows Operating System. all you have to do is to plug your controller into your PC, through a USB. Eight controllers can be connected at one time.

And if we want the whole set-up to be wireless then we can try the Bluetooth, although we will need a newer version of the controller. after having done this you can proceed to the Window settings, choose the devices and make sure your Bluetooth discovery is enabled.

gaming controllers for pc 2020

Now turn on the controller with the guide button, then press and hold the Sync button  until the guide  button flashes.  Now go to the  Windows, choose the option of Add Bluetooth  and attach it to the Bluetooth Wireless Controller.  Only attach one controller this way, and headsets aren’t supported.

We can also connect it by buying an Xbox Wireless Controller. When you attach this to a spare USB port on your PC, press the sync button on the Xbox controller and the sync button on the adapter, this will get it connected.

using gaming console on pc 2020

Now if you have to attach a PS4 DualShock 4 wireless controller to your Windows PC, here too you can use a USB cable. It is compatible with Steam and you don’t need any extra software. Just click on the Steam icon and choose Big picture. Then we have to go to the Settings, then Controller Settings but the PS4 Configuration Support is on.

However if we want to use the device without wires then we need a software DS4Windows. Now when you install this device it will recognize PS4 DualShock as soon as its plugged in. This can also be connected through Bluetooth with DS4 Windows installed. We have to go to the Window Settings  and click Devices making sure that the Bluetooth discovery is enabled. On the controller, press and hold the PS button and the Share button until the controller light starts to flash. Now you can then go back to Windows and choose Add Bluetooth.

ps gaming controllers for pc 2020

As for attaching an Xbox One controller to a macOS computer, to do this you need a micro-USB cable and an extra bit of software. Bluetooth is out, as the Xbox One controller doesn’t use standard Bluetooth—it uses a proprietary wireless connection developed by Microsoft, which is fine for Windows but not so for macOS.

use mac gaming controller on pc

And finally, there are the Joy-Con controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch. As on PC, it’s relatively easy to get these connected up to your Mac using the Bluetooth. As before, open the Apple menu, then , then go to the System Preferences and make sure the Bluetooth Device is on.

Press and hold the pairing button on the Joy-Con you want to connect and you should see a “Joy-Con” entry appear in the list of available Bluetooth devices. Click on Connect to complete the pairing and to start using your Joy-Con controller to play games on macOS.

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