Best Tech Gadgets From The Future Released In 2020

There are many tech advances that we adore about the future and gadgets we love, today we will talk about those. We see many products which are new but most unexpected ones are those which push limits. Some of the gadgets will really surprise you with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. 

Robotics has changed the face of technology. Companies like Boston Dynamics are becoming more and more mainstream. We can see many tech wonders at CES 2021. Let us show you the modern tech wonders below which show what happens when mechanics joins artificial intelligence. Here is the list of best of futuristic tech gadgets released in 2020. 

Theragun Prime massage gun

We see many slow motion videos popping up on our social media which show people relaxing and massaging their bodies. This latest Theragun Prime Massage Gun is one of those latest offerings. This sophisticated gun is highly recommended for post workout massage. You can also feature it in your satisfying social media videos. 

It looks a lot like a weapon and a power tool at the same time. It can apply pressure on your body about 40 times per second and caresses muscles 60% than other masseurs. 

Tonal Intelligent Fitness System – A smart gym at home with latest technology 

Recently we found a really next level home gym which is smart and very futuristic–Tonal Intelligent Fitness System. If you are up for a smart and real gym at home this one is totally for you. This smart gym system connects the latest gym kit and a trainer with you. You can do your complete workout at home without leaving the comfort of your lounge. The smart counter and measure of weights will make you fall in love with it. 

Lexilife Lexilight – Best reading lamp for dyslexic children 

10% of the people are dyslexic in the UK according to a report published in 2017. One of the causes of dyslexia is developing a thicket of light sensitive cells in the eyes. In Dyslexic children eye-cells are arranged in the same fashion while in non-dyslexic children they are in different patterns that means two types of details are sent to the brain to create a detailing imagery. 

This Lexilight product review claims it can reduce the dyslexic effect as it releases pulsed light to enter in one of the eyes and dominate the other. It creates an ease for Dyslexic children to pick words easily. 

Razer Naga Pro Gaming Mouse – Over the top real, authentic and gaming mouse that you’d love any day

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Razer Naga Pro is a game changer in every way for the pro gamers and streamers. This mouse is an ideal pick for those who are looking for best futuristic models available today. It has a battle royale six button side plate, 12 button side plate for MMO and for FPS two button side plate. It is a wireless mouse which you can run 150 hours non-stop. 

SNOO Smart Sleeper – The best sleeping support for kids

Small babies don’t fall to sleep quickly, even if they do they wake up back again. Then they start wailing for quite a long time. As today we cannot go back and check on them over and again, smart sleepers for kids are the best. 

The SNOO Smart Sleeper can soothe and put back to sleep your babies in less than a minute even if you are busy running errands. It can play soft music and rock them to sleep. One reviewer claimed that this smart sleeper for kids can truly work as it did for him. 

Popular celebrities including Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and many others find it a luxurious parenting help. If it works for you that’s great otherwise you can get a refund within a month.

3dRudder for VR & PC Foot-Powered Gaming Controller

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3dRudder for VR and PC is the best modern Foot Powered Gaming controller with futuristic technology. You can move it wherever you want. It’s such a gadget which gives you control over the game fully. It’s easily compatible with all the modern tech gadgets such as Xbox Adaptive controllers, any PC game, Steam VR even works best with Oculus models. 

Segway Loomo Personal Robot – The artificially intelligent personal assistant 

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Segway Loomo Personal Robot is the best of CES 2020 gadgets. This gadget can carry 100 kilograms and you can move on it like a hoverboard. The tracking technology is used in it so well that when you are not riding it its head moves to show a face. You can send it commands from a distance easily. It’s one of its kind and the most powerful gadget of 2020. 

This Personal Robot is so smart that you can do much of the movement of weightages with it. Beside its performance its design is very beautiful.

Ring Always Home Cam Security Drone

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Ring Always Home Cam Security Drone is the latest most advanced technology to keep security intact. It can fly around and record media all over your property. With this particular model you can replace any security camera you want. It can fly on all across a selected path. 

You can manage to use this security drone in many ways. It can become your smart spy of a kind to keep an eye on your home.

Cinera Edge 5K OLED HMD


Cinera Edge 5K OLED HMD is the best gadget of 2020 from the future. It comes with a Dolby Digital 5.1 built-in headphones that doubles the joy of gaming. Each of the 2.5k micro-OLED comes with a 1560×1440 screen display. So it shows great detailing but looks phenomenal. It comes with great design and finest finishing. 

TANGRAM SmartRope Rookie Smart Jump Rope

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 TANGRAM SmartRope Rookie Smart Jump Rope is the latest addition in the smart workout at home. It can connect your phone through Bluetooth and you can count each jump. You can also count each second spent on jumping and calories. You can collect great rewards and join the other users for great joint experience. 

Have you already subscribed to one of the smart gym services like Tonal? Try this smart rope to fulfill your dreams.

NavVis VLS Wearable Reality Capture Device

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NavVis VLS Wearable Reality Capture Device is another masterpiece from the amazing futuristic gadgets of 2020. You can examine built environments even check on the clouds quality. It being a wearable mobile mapping device comes with a twin multilayer LiDAR sensor to monitor and calculate 3D lengths. On top of everything else it’s very easy to fold and keep. This modern tech gadget of 2020 is one of its kind in many ways. 

MB&F + L’Epée 1839 The Fifth Element Intergalactic Horological Weather Station

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MB&F + L’Epée 1839 The Fifth Element Intergalactic Horological Weather Station lets you know all the necessary details about weather even when there is no electricity. It can tell you weather reports without any power. It has measuring devices, a hygrometer, thermometer, barometer and a clock to show details. 

Lexon Oblio Sanitizing Wireless Charger

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Lexon Oblio Sanitizing Wireless Charger is a wonderful product which helps to sanitize smartphone. You need to put your phone in the first slot and it will be cleaned with UV LED rays. It can match your home decor with its golden and white colors. It is considered one of the finest tech pieces of 2020. During this grievous time of corona this wireless charger is a boon. 

Rotofarm Architectural Soil-Free Circular Farm

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This Rotofarm Architectural Soil-Free Circular Farm is a highly futuristic product which is aesthetic and ergonomic in its own way. It is unique in not only in its making but performance as you can grow plants with it where there is no gravity. It has a circular shape which does not take any space. So if you are fond of the latest developments in agriculture this device is hell of a unique gadget. 

Sevenhugs Smart Remote X – The best all in one smart remote controller for all smart devices

This smart remote control is an all-in-one gadget itself. It can connects dots and control all smart devices at your home. You can control any type of smart devices including smart lights, TV or any other gadget with it. This smart remote can truly suit the whole family. 

This Smart Remote X can be called a true home manager which is lightweight and very portable. You can easily turn off lights in the kids room when the time is right to sleep and they are still up. You can control as many devices as you want with a touch of the button. There are many useful feats you can do without telling others with this device controller.

Hapbee Emotional Control Wearable

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Latest developments in the emotional control wearables in Hapbee Emotional Control. You might have seen few other such devices but this emotional controller is one of its kind and can detect your feelings accurately. A small magnetic field can replicate the emotions with great ease. You can also feel sensitivity, calmness and many other emotions. It will alert you if needed. 

Razer Nari Ultimate


These headphones from gaming PC specialists Razers translate sound into, well, vibrations – the kind you feel, rather than hear. It sounds barmy because it is, but in a good way.

Razer Nari Ultimate headphone will create a stir among your friends. As it can convert sound into the vibrations that will sensationalize your feelings. The Razer Nari headphone will make you actually being in the game by creating vibrations which will touch your face. 

It’s functioning is so diverse that id creates a great 3D audio experience and locates the sound source while during horror games it creates terrorizing vibes and projects it in a good way. This headphone can give you a great immersive experience with audio channels and vibrations. 

We hope you liked these futuristic technological advances of 2020. If not all, some might have added some reality to your curious buds. Let’s know in the comments what you feel about these cool gadgets. 

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