Top 10 Best Exercise Machines You Should Invest In

Working out at home is one of the most convenient ways to get fit as there’s no traveling involved, you don’t need to pay for gym membership and you can avoid the self-conscious feeling of exercising in front of strangers. Using workout equipment in your home is a brilliant way to create your own home gym, but some exercise machines are better than others when it comes to features and functionality. Our list of the top 10 exercise machine you should invest in will give you the low down on the best ones to purchase now.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In- Assault airbike

Assault Airbike $999

The Assault Airbike is made from durable high-tensile steel and has an LCD screen that allows you to customise your workout easily to provide challenge. The Assault increases resistance automatically so you can create a practically unlimited workout by training at your own pace. There is also a compatible strap that can measure your heart rate and factor this into your workouts.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In- Concept 2 rower

Concept2 Indoor Rower $900

This brilliant rowing exercise machine is a quiet but powerful addition to your workout, offering low-impact training for your whole body. The Performance 5 monitor allows you to see accurate data for every row so you can compare your stats and analyse your workout.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In- Exerpeutic bikeExerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike $149

This wonderful exercise bike has a hand monitor that keeps track of your pulse so you can see how effective your workout is. You can easily change the tension by using the magnetic tension control system which has 8 levels. In addition, this bike can be folded for storage which makes it one of the top exercise machines you should invest in.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In- Gazelle edge

Gazelle Edge $129.99

The Gazelle Edge is a wonderful glider that has a large range of motion along with a five function workout computer. This is one of the top exercise machines to build cardiovascular endurance and work your upper and lower body for improved overall fitness. In addition, this is a quiet machine that will let you go from a gentle walk to a full run without sudden stops to preserve your joints, especially the knees.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In- Maxi climber

Maxi Climber $229.75

The Maxi Climber includes a personal workout timer with a sensor that knows when you’re starting to train and can burn up to twice as many calories as a treadmill. The climber works your core, upper body and lower body at the same time to improve fitness and also give you a more toned figure. The exercise simulates the movements of rock climbing from the comfort of your home and creates an intense workout.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In- Schwinn 230

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike $348

This brilliant exercise machine is feature packed and offers a great range of challenging modes. Choose from 22 programs, 20 levels of resistance, 2 user settings and 13 display feeds on the two LCD screens to help you train. This bike comes compatible with Schwinn Connect which offers goal tracking to help you train the best you can.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In- Bowflex PR1000 home gym

Bowflex PR100 Home Gym $489.99

This brilliant home gym is one of the best exercise machines as it offers a full body workout and more than 30 strength exercises. The Bowflex PR100 allows you to customise your workout as it can provide just 5 lbs or up to 210 lbs of resistance, meaning it is versatile for a wide range of exercises. With this machine you can perform aerobic, strength building and cardiovascular exercises, plus it includes a horizontal bench press, lat pull down and rowing machine rail.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In- Confidence fitness

Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform $249.99

If you want to own a really great but unusual exercise machine then look no further than this vibration platform. It works to improve bone density, muscle strength, circulation and general fitness by working out in different positions on the machine. The vibrations cause contractions and stretches in the muscles which gives exercises more impact.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In-Proform 505

Proform 505 CST Treadmill $598.99

This folding treadmill is one of the best and most cost effective exercise machines that you can invest in. The Proform 505 has joint-safe cushioning, an EKG heart monitor, built in sound system and quick incline control. You can use one of 15 workout apps to kickstart your training via the 6″ monitor and control your speed from 0-10mph with just one touch of the button.

Top 10 Exercise Machines You Should Invest In- Powerline home gym

Powerline Home Gym With Leg Press $1419.01

This great home gym has high, low and mid pulleys to create a huge range of exercises and virtually unlimited options for your workout. A 160lb weight stack is included so you’ll have all you need to get started at home. A press arm, functional training arm, and functional pulleys make this a brilliant exercise machine with consistent resistance and maximum efficacy.

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