6 Must Have Summer Smartphone Accessories

Summer is finally here, holidays are on the horizon and shops are stocking fashionable summer wear and accessories; so why not accessorise your phone! Here we have put together a choice of helpful, fun and essential accessories to take with you on your summer travels or just to look great on a sunny day.

flexionFlexion Waterproof Case – $15.99

Boasting a five star Amazon rating, this is a perfect accessory for by the pool or on the beach. The Flexion Waterproof Case fits the iPhone6, 5, 5s, 5c, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, so is available for lots of popular smartphones and can be easily shared by everyone on your holiday. This small bag case is totally waterproof so if you jump into the pool with your phone in your pocket, you do not have to worry. This nifty accessory will make your holiday worry free; as well as being waterproof you can fit small items in like money or cards, making the Flexion the only accessory you need on a summers day out.

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mophieMophie Juice Pack – $99.99

When travelling it is often not possible to charge your phone, this is also the case when in a foreign country that does not have a compatible plug socket. However, having no phone battery oh the move is no longer a problem. The Mophie Juice Pack does not require any plug sockets or electrical source to charge up your smartphone, all it needs is to be put on your phone like a case and you are good to go. The Mophie Juice pack can stay powerful for upto 14 hours of web browsing, talk time and 10 hours on top of that of video playback with an huge extra 11 hours of music playback. The rubber texture of the case is comfortable to hold and the overall look is simple and minimal.

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Aquapac Waterproof Headphones – $37.95

Picture lounging on an inflatable armchair in the sun with a cold beer, what could be better than this? We have the answer, being able to listen to your favourite summer tunes without having to worry about them breaking if they get wet. The Aquapac headphones are the solution; they are 100% waterproof, look minimal and modern and work really well. In addition to all this, they are super affordable and you can even listen to your music whilst under the water. These fully submersible headphones take waterproof to the next level.

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selfie stick

Pro Selfie Stick 3 in 1- $14.99

The Pro Selfie Stick is the perfect summer phone accessory to take the selfie craze to the next level. This Pro selfie stick does not require any batteries or Bluetooth and extends to a huge 41 inches but folds away neatly to be convenient to travel with. This is a great way to be abl to capture the whole family in one shot, get a great view or just to take an epic selfie! In addition to all this, you can get the Pro Selfie stick in a range of colours and it Is compatible with most Apple and Android smartphones. In order to capture the perfect selfie, you just plug it into the headphone connector and shoot! This is an affordable gadget that will be a lot of fun.

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sharkVictoria Secret – PINK iPhone 6 Case – $19.95

iPhone cases have become a huge part of owning an Apple smartphone and there are loads available to buy, but we think this Victoria Secret, PINK shark case is super summery and very on trend. This case is both fun and summery, while being pretty funny too. The larger style case is very fashionable at the moment and the ‘BITE ME’ in the middle is a nice touch. This summery case would compliment any summery outfit and look great on the beach, especially with the shark!

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powerbotPowerBot PB5000 5 Port – $14.99

The PowerBot PB5000 is the perfect accessory to pack for your holidays. Instead of packing multiple plug adaptors, the PowerBot is a great alternative. It comes with 5 USB charging ports, so will fit any smartphone or tablet charger, so is useable for all. Once more, it is an easy means to charge yours and all your friends phones while at a festival or on the road! This charging port boasts a huge 5 star rating on Amazon, which speaks volumes.

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