10 Latest Gadgets For 2020 From Startups With Cool And Weird Features

Every year there are hundreds of new gadgets that make their way to the market and are termed as smart, cool or weird. Some of the really useful latest smart gadgets for 2020s too hit the markets back in 2019. They seem rather HIT to make life easier. This year also there were a number of gadgets that left you in disbelief or made you laugh in wonderment. Listed below are ten cool and weird gadgets presented by start-ups.


  1. Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses


This innovative gadget has been introduced by Nreal, a Chinese start-up. The fun part is that they almost look like normal glasses but they can be used to take what you are seeing of the real world and overlay it with virtual content. These ready to wear Light glasses are designed to give the users a great experience with its spatial sound, voice control, and a wide-screen display.

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  1. Urgonight Head-Band

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Image : TechCrunch/MRD

A great innovation for the insomniacs! This is something you don’t even have to wear while asleep. The Urgonight Head-Band takes an ECG of your brain and then uses this information to show you the imagery on your smart phone so that you can retrain your sleep and sleep better.

  1. Heat-Works Duo Carafe

Image inhabitat

Most of us like a cup of tea in the morning before starting your work, but the whole process of heating up the water is quite a damper. This is where the Duo Carafe will come to your rescue. This carafe introduced by Heatworks allows you to heat the water as soon as you pour it in. This carafe also filters the water to give you the best result.

  1. Y-Brush Tooth Brush

Since early child-hood we all have been told that to get proper dental hygiene we should brush at least for two minutes. But isn’t this great that we can achieve the same result in just ten seconds. The French company Fasteesh, which launched it, claims that it works faster as it is all bristles which move back and forth to clean your teeth.

  1. A Smart Belt That Has A USB Port


This ‘smart belt’ does a lot more than a regular belt. It tracks your waistline, fitness activities and even comes with a fall detection feature. In addition to all this it has a USB port, an app of its own where you can track various features and activities it performs.

  1. A Microwave To Stream Content

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A microwave oven called Kitchen Hub has been showcased by GE Appliances. This oven comes with a very unique feature which enables the user to browse social media, videos and even stream content on this oven.

  1. AI Suitcase That Moves On Its Own

A start-up, Ovis, has showcased a suitcase that can move on its own because of the self-driving technology. Some other special features of this suitcase is that it comes with a GPS tracker and some charging ports. It also comes with the option of switching back to manual mode.

  1. A Smart Diaper 

This ingenious product by Monit has really come as a great relief for the nursing mothers. It is not exactly a small diaper but a sensor attached diaper. This smart sensor clipped onto the baby’s diaper sends an alert every time the baby answer the nature’s call.

  1. A Wireless Hair Dryer


Volo Beauty, a start-up, has come up with a wireless hair dryer that is operated with infra-red radiant heat technology. This hair dryer can run for 14 minutes without being plugged in.

  1. EllenWare 55 Oled Monitor

The size and the superb picture quality of Allenware 55 make it the best of the best. And its extremely thin bezel and special game modes make live motion gaming look just absolutely stunning.

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