Sparkle up Your Teeth with Easy Home Tips

It is always recommended and advisable to keep your teeth healthy and clean. For dental health, what people eat, drink and consume is what has direct impact on their teeth’s health. Brushing and flossing are what are considered better for dental health and great smile. In addition to this, there are many other ways to make your teeth healthy and shining. Since we use our teeth for eating, we have to make the perfect choice for our diet for the health of our teeth to make them strong always. Dietary choices have to be better and carefully chosen. Let’s learn which foods are best and which are worst for our dental health.

Best Foods for Your Teeth

Milk – For our teeth and their health, milk is always perfect and acts brilliant. Since milk contains higher calcium, it is very essential to drink to get healthy and strong teeth. Besides, milk is equally beneficial for the health of strong bones.

Cheese – Since cheese belongs to dairy product family, it contains higher quantity of calcium. Cheese is also beneficial in regulating the pH levels in our mouth. Moreover, the use of cheese helps promoting the saliva production and it kills the bacteria which becomes the cause of tooth decay.

Nuts – Nuts carry minerals and vitamins which and make the protection to from tooth decay. Nuts also contains calcium, which health benefits are mentioned in above lines. The intake of nuts simulates saliva productions which is helpful in cleaning the mouth.

Leafy Vegetables – Eating leafy vegetables is much essential for dental health. They contain fiber. If chewed, the leafy vegetables remove the food particles and cleanse your teeth enacting like a toothbrush. The use of leafy vegetables places a protective acid resistant layer on your teeth and because of it, you are protective from tooth decay.

Water – It carries unlimited health benefits. The biggest benefit of water is that it makes us alive. For teeth, it brings in various health benefits. While you drink water, your mouth gets cleansed and flushed. Water stimulates the saliva’s production which is quite healthy for your teeth, as mentioned in earlier paragraphs.

Onions – Although majority of the people want to stay away from them because of the bad smell they create after you eat them. But apart from this little disadvantage, onions carry numerous health benefits. They contain anti-bacterial compounds, which instantly wipe out bacteria which is the obvious cause for tooth decay.

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Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Coffee – Coffee is much dangerous for your teeth’s health. If you drink dark coffee, then get ready to face the severe teeth problems. It stains your teeth. Your teeth turn out to be yellow and then you need to keep visiting the dentist to get your teeth’s whiteness back.

Dried Fruit – it is really bad for your teeth. Stay away from it as much as you can. They contain higher quantity of sugar that brings in bacteria which stays in your teeth. If it starts staying, the damage to your teeth keeps happening.

Sweets – All types of sweets must be said ‘goodbye’ if you are really interested in your teeth’s health. Sweets too carry much sugar which is strictly bad for the teeth. Stay away from candies, jellies, cakes and chewy sweeteners.

Soft Drinks – They too act like a vampire for your teeth’s health. Don’t drink the ones which are carbonated such as Coke, Soda and the likes to maintain your teeth’s good health.

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