Guess the GIF Cheat Codes and Answers: Levels 51-100

Okay, so we already showed you the answers to the first 50 levels of the incredibly addictive game Guess the GIF for Android and iOS. But what about the next 50 levels? Well here we have the next 50 levels for you to have a browse over and see if you were right or see the answer you just can’t seem to get right.

guess-the-gif-answersHere are levels 51-100 of Guess the GIF:
Level 51: Madonna
Level 52: Seinfeld
Level 53: Neil Armstrong
Level 54: Harry Potter
Level 55: Shrek
Level 56: Ouija
Level 57: Mother Teresa
Level 58: Justin Bieber
Level 59: Tom And Jerry
Level 60: The Hangover
Level 61: Saturday Night Live
Level 62: Pinnochio
Level 63: Hulk Hogan
Level 64: Alice In Wonderland
Level 65: Spongebob
Level 66: Scream
Level 67: Marilyn Manson
Level 68: Little Caesars
Level 69: Minecraft
Level 70: Forrest Gump
Level 71: South Park
Level 72: Alfred Hitchcock
Level 73: Twilight
Level 74: The Hulk
Level 75: Power Rangers
Level 76: Thomas Edison
Level 77: Grease
Level 78: Charlie’s Angels
Level 79: Jerry Springer
Level 80: Larry The Cable Guy
Level 81: Jimmy Hendrix
Level 82: Godzilla
Level 83: Groot
Level 84: Family Feud
Level 85: Old Spice
Level 86: Dinosaurs
Level 87: The Terminator
Level 88: Braveheart
Level 89: Gilligan’s Island
Level 90: The Joker
Level 91: Donald Trump
Level 92: KISS
Level 93: Bill And Ted
Level 94: 300
Level 95: Homer Simpson
Level 96: Lion King
Level 97: Myth Busters
Level 98: Paris Hilton
Level 99: Lord Of The Rings
Level 100: State Farm

We hope you don’t find any more frustrating answers that either you should have known the answer to or you were so close to getting and it seems so obvious now

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