Details Announced For New Xbox One Ahead Of Launch

Xbox one

The new Xbox One will feature more storage and a redesigned controller. An accidental listing on Amazon revealed the new console two weeks ago, but the listing was promptly removed as at that point no detaisl had been announced by Microsoft.

The new Xbox will be available on its own and in bundles, with the current 500GB models being lowered in price as the console launches. The new Xbox One will launch in the UK and US on 16th June and will retail for $399, around $50 more than the stock 500GB model. The console will also be available in a bundle with Halo Master Chief in selected regions for a limited time. Until 20th June, the console will be available in the UK exclusively through Game.

The new Xbox One will feature a hard drive that has been upgraded to offer 1TB of storage. This is the first time that Microsoft has offered this amount of storage for an Xbox console since the limited edition Call of Duty version that was available last year. The 1TB version offers double the storage space of the usual 500GB version and will allow players to use the device for longer without needing an external hard drive. This will not only save the price of an extra external hard drive but will also save space as the console won’t need extra unneccessary peripherals.

There’s also a redesigned controller which has some helpful new features including an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack. This enables players to plug earphones and headsets straight into the controller, and the headset that comes with the Xbox One bundle features a 3.5mm jack instead of the usual Chat Headset connection so no extra adapters are needed. In addition, the redesigned controller offers improvement for the bumper buttons which allows for good performance along the length of the button, thanks to fine tuning .

As well as a few physical differences, Microsoft has made internal changes to the controller to allow for improved functionality for players. There is the options to change headset volume, mic monitoring plus game and audio balance via the Settings menu with the controller. The audio quality has been improved that there’s an increase on the maximum available volume allowed through headsets. There’s also the option of wireless software updates so the controller doesn’t have to be plugged into the console using a USB cable.

Xbox One controllers are considered to be the gold standard for consoles and Oculus has partnered with Microsoft to offer the controller with its Rift VR headset consumer edition next year. For this reason, the changes to the controller aren’t drastic but are designed to offer improvements based on feedback from players.

Xbox Covert ForcesThe housing of the new Xbox One is matte black, a change to the usual glossy black design of the 500GB version. A ‘Covert Forces’ black and silver camoflage design will begin to be sold this month, while the console will be available as a standalone product within the next couple of months.

Games will be redesigned for the new Xbox One, and details of some have been leaked. It’s been revealed by the Russian Gears of War website that the game will undergo improvements for the console such as Xbox LIVE achievements, 90 minutes of new content and streamlined multiplayer mode. The gameplay will also be streamlined as there will be adapted controls for the Xbox, new control scheme tournament plus features that have been added from Gears of War 3.

In October there will be a Rock Band 4 version available for Xbox One released that features a full set of peripherals for the game. Included in the bundle will be a guitar, guitar strap, footpedal, drum set, drum accessories and USB microphone. The Rock Band 4 game will offer more than 60 new songs as well as the option to create Freestyle Guitar Solos, Freestyle Vocals and Drum Fills. The set will retail for $249.99 and there will be exclusive bundles and extra tracks available to buy through Amazon. Players of previous Rock Band games will be able to use compatible peripherals with the game.

Also available for the new Xbox One will be Halo 5: Guardians which will feature new protagonist Jameson Locke, Call of Dty Black Ops 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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