Trivia Crack Cheat Codes and Answers: HISTORY

Trivia Crack is the latest big trivia game to hit Android and iOS and has many people contesting for general knowledge intelligence. However, what if you know you’re not going to do well and so need answers quick and without having to think? Well we’ve compiled a list of some of the History answers you may come up against. Obviously questions are added all the time so if you can’t find the question/answer you’re looking for then it’s likely a new one!

Trivia-CrackWe would recommend hitting ‘ctrl + F’ or ‘cmd + F’ to find the answer/question you’re looking for quickly to speed up your answer rate!

Question: Who gave their name to a continent?
Answer: Amerigo Vespucci
Question: What was Osama bin Laden’s code name?
Answer: Geronimo
Question: Who was the first king of Rome, according to the Roman tradition?
Answer: Romulus
Question: When did World War 2 End?
Answer: 1945
Question: How many sacraments are in the Catholic Church?
Answer: 7 sacraments
Question: To what historical event would you relate the tank man or unknown rebel?
Answer: Protests in Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Question: Some say World War II began in 1931, when Japan conquered which region of China?
Answer: Manchuria
Question: Who founded Playboy magazine?
Answer: Hugh Hefner
Question: What does Mesolithic mean?
Answer: Middle Stone Age
Question: What year did the My Lai massacre take place?
Answer: 1968
Question: Who held the famous I have a dream speech in 1963?
Answer: Martin Luther King
Question: When did men first travel to space?
Answer: 1961
Question: What year did the Berlin wall fall?
Answer: 1989
Question: Who won the battle of Gettysburg?
Answer: The Union
Question: Who was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch?
Answer: Queen Victoria
Question: What was the main problem of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War?
Answer: Lack of fuel
Question: What year was America discovered?
Answer: 1492
Question: What was Sally Ride the first American woman to do?
Answer: Go into outer space
Question: Who in 1964, was the first person other than royalty, to appear on a British postage stamp?
Answer: Shakespeare
Question: How many popes from the House of Borgia have there been?
Answer: 3
Question: What year did the Gulf War Start?
Answer: 1990
Question: Where was Jesus of Nazareth born?
Answer: Bethlehem
Question: Henry VIII created his own church so he could divorce which wife?
Answer: Catherine of Aragon
Question: Who is the historical inspiration for the character Dracula?
Answer: Vlad the Impaler
Question: What is ‘Furor Teutonicus’?
Answer: Roman proverb
Question: What did ancient Egyptians use to write?
Answer: Papyrus
Question: What city was divided in two after the Second World War?
Answer: Berlin
Question: Which was the war pictured in the Homeric poem, the Iliad?
Answer: Trojan War
Question: After WWII, what country lost much of its eastern territory to Russia, but did pick up much of Pomerania, Silesia and East Prussia?
Answer: Poland
Question: How many people died in the Munich massacre of 1972?
Answer: 17
Question: Lawrence of Arabia worked for what secret services?
Answer: British secret services
Question: Which of the following was an ally of the Russian Empire during the First World War?
Answer: France
Question: What year did the Titanic sink?
Answer: 1912
Question: What religious war was ordered by Pope Urban 2 to capture the Holy Land for Christianity?
Answer: The crusades
Question: What country did USA purchase Alaska from?
Answer: Russia
Question: What was the name of the list of books forbidden by the Church, created in 1559?
Answer: Index Librorum Prohibitorum
Question: Operation Barbarossa was the name of the German invasion of what country?
Answer: USSR
Question: What is the name of Prince Williams son?
Answer: George
Question: What was the weapon the most used by pirates?
Answer: Sabre
Question: Where did the Bolshevik Revolution take place?
Answer: Russia
Question: Which civilization constructed the Machu Picchu?
Answer: Incas
Question: What were the names given to the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Answer: Little Boy and Fat Man
Question: Who were the victims of the German terrorist group Baader-Meinhof?
Answer: Fascists
Question: Which was the weapon of choice for Samurais?
Answer: Katana
Question: Who was the dictator of Germany and took over most of Europe during the 194Os?
Answer: Hitler
Question: What year was the Popular Republic of China founded?
Answer: 1949
Question: When did the construction of the Titanic begin?
Answer: March 31 in 1909
Question: What Wonder of the Ancient World was in what is Iraq today?
Answer: Hanging gardens of Babylon
Question: What was the name Romans gave to Great Britain?
Answer: Britannia
Question: Who was the first president of the United States?
Answer: George Washington
Question: Who is the Greek goddess of love?
Answer: Aphrodite
Question: John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed in what city?
Answer: Dallas
Question: What animal did the ancient Egyptians consider gods?
Answer: Cats
Question: Iceland became independent of what country in 1918?
Answer: Denmark
Question: Which email-generated craze from the USA gathered momentum in the UK in 2003?
Answer: Flash Mobbing
Question: In Greek mythology, how was Achilles heel injured?
Answer: An arrow
Question: What year was the United Nations formed?
Answer: 1945
Question: What’s the name of the Greek god of wine?
Answer: Dionysus
Question: What language do Latin languages come from?
Answer: Latin
Question: Who discovered the sea route to India?
Answer: Vasco Da Gama
Question: In Greek mythology, who is the father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades?
Answer: Kronos
Question: Which two countries reunited in 1976 after 22 years of separation?
Answer: North and South Vietnam
Question: Who was the first king of England?
Answer: William
Question: What British king of the Middle Age was nicknamed ‘Lion Heart’?
Answer: King Richard
Question: Where did Hitler write ‘Mein Kampf’?
Answer: In prison
Question: Who of the following didn’t participate in the Cuban Revolution?
Answer: Hugo Chavez
Question: When did Albania declare its independence?
Answer: 1912
Question: Where is tomato originally from?
Answer: Mexico
Question: Which country officially received the exiled Spaniards under Franco’s dictatorship?
Answer: Mexico
Question: Where was Pearl Harbor, the military based attacked by the Japanese army was located?
Answer: Hawaii
Question: What’s the substance used in churches characterized by releasing smoke?
Answer: Incense
Question: Police dogs are usually which of the following breeds?
Answer: German shepherd
Question: What starts with ‘Four score and seven years ago’ ?
Answer: Gettysburg Address
Question: Romulus and Remus were breastfed by…
Answer: A wolf
Question: What leaves did Romans wear on their head to symbolize victory?
Answer: Laurel leaves
Question: What is the mascot used by the American government to promote the preservation of forests?
Answer: Smokey the Bear
Question: What year did Bosnia and Herzegovina emancipate from Yugoslavia?
Answer: 1992
Question: Who designed the Montgolfier hot-air balloon?
Answer: Montgolfier brothers
Question: What was the name of Spain when it was a part of the Roman Empire?
Answer: Hispania
Question: Which country first started the construction of the Panama Canal?
Answer: France
Question: They started in 1096 and continued until the 14th century. What are we talking about?
Answer: The Crusades
Question: What was the Tlatelolco Massacre?
Answer: Repression against students in Mexico
Question: Whose motto is ‘We are a legion. We don’t forgive. We don’t forget?
Answer: Anonymous
Question: Who said ‘I have a dream’?
Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr
Question: Where was Martin Luther King, Jr. born?
Answer: Atlanta, GA
Question: What hurricane caused in 2005 the greatest money loss to the United States?
Answer: Katrina
Question: Who was the first US President to resign from office?
Answer: Richard Nixon
Question: What year did New York’s Twin Towers fall?
Answer: 2001
Question: What was the name given to Napoleon’s army?
Answer: La Grande Armée
Question: What event is known in Gaelic as An Gorta Mr, meaning the Great Hunger?
Answer: Irish Potato Famine
Question: What was the name of the Propaganda Minister in Hitler’s Germany?
Answer: Joseph Goebbels
Question: Who created the Line Production to increase productivity?
Answer: H Ford
Question: In October 2003, which nation became the third one sending a man into space?
Answer: China
Question: Which countries were part of the Grand Alliance during Second World War?
Answer: Great Britain, USA and Russia
Question: Who are the three sons of Cronus?
Answer: Poseidon, Hades and Zeus
Question: Which of the following is not a religion?
Answer: Darwinism
Question: When was the Declaration of Independence of the United States adopted?
Answer: July 4th
Question: Who of the following was one of the greatest defenders of the black population in the United States and was murdered in 1968 for this reason?
Answer: Martin Luther King
Question: What was the name of Adolf Hitler’s wife?
Answer: Eva
Question: Who led the Scottish warriors into battle against England?
Answer: Sir Williams Wallace
Question: Which countries made up ‘Axis of Evil’ during World War 2?
Answer: Germany, Italy and Japan
Question: Who was Zoroaster?
Answer: Prophet
Question: What was the last Russian Imperial family?
Answer: The Romanovs
Question: What was the name of the American secret project with the purpose of building the first atomic bomb in history?
Answer: Manhattan Project
Question: Protestantism was born in what country?
Answer: Germany
Question: What was the name of the Austrian Empire after the revolution of 1848?
Answer: Austro-Hungarian Empire
Question: The Philippines was discovered by Europeans in what year?
Answer: 1521
Question: The Bubonic Plague that killed a quarter of the world’s population during the middle ages was caused by what agent?
Answer: Fleas
Question: ln which year did the first man walk on the moon?
Answer: 1969
Question: What does plutocracy mean?
Answer: Rule by the wealthy
Question: Who was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo?
Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte
Question: How many years did the Hundred Years’ War last?
Answer: 116 years
Question: Who invented the alphabet?
Answer: Phoenicians
Question: When did the First intifada take place?
Answer: 1987
Question: The country of Bolivia is named after which patriot?
Answer: Simon Bolivar
Question: What did John D. Dunlop invent?
Answer: The tire
Question: Where did the Bloody Sunday of 1905 take place?
Answer: Russia
Question: ln Greek mythology which goddess is Zeus’s wife?
Answer: Hera
Question: What kind of material was the Declaration of independence made of?
Answer: Hemp
Question: What was Henry Ford’s profession?
Answer: Entrepreneur
Question: What was the last European city visited by John F. Kennedy before he was murdered?
Answer: Berlin
Question: Who controlled England before the Norman Invasion in 1066?
Answer: Saxons
Question: What indigenous ethnia built Chichen Itza?
Answer: Mayans
Question: According to the Bible, Jesus delivered the Beatitudes as part of his ‘Sermon on theÛ_’?
Answer: Sermon on the Mount
Question: How did Madame Currie die?
Answer: Radiation poisoning
Question: Who was not a Roman Emperor?
Answer: Parallax
Question: Where is the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte?
Answer: Les Invalides, Paris
Question: What army did the 300 represent?
Answer: Spartan army
Question: Where were the Jewish deported after Nebuchadnezzars conquest of Jerusalem?
Answer: Babylon
Question: Where was John F Kennedy Jr assassinated?
Answer: Dallas
Question: Who invented the printing press?
Answer: Gutenberg
Question: What year did the Mexican Revolution start?
Answer: 1910
Question: What South American country had a monarchy for more than 60 years?
Answer: Brazil
Question: What city is still governed by the Grimaldi family?
Answer: Monaco
Question: What kind of writing did the Egyptians use?
Answer: Hieroglyphic
Question: Which British Prime Minister won a Nobel Prize for Literature?
Answer: Winston Churchill
Question: Where was the first astronaut in history from?
Answer: Soviet Union
Question: Who won in 2009 the Nobel Peace Prize?
Answer: Barack Obama
Question: What city was founded by Alexander the Great?
Answer: Alexandria

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