Top 8 Apps For Health Freaks

In a world where there is highly advanced technology and applications available, it only makes sense to use these helpful tools to aid a hobby. Another big trend at the moment is keeping healthy, active and eating clean; of course there is a huge amount of fitness related applications to assist your progress, track your achievements and gather inspiration. Here we have put together what we think are the top 8 apps for health freaks.

nikeNike + Training Club – free

Nike + Training Club is available for both apple and android devices and is incredibly highly used and respected within the fitness field. The well-known and popular brand, Nike, have developed a highly responsive and extensive app with their customers in mind. Within this health app the users can add friends to keep up with their progress and feel motivated as well as having access to their weekly workouts to inspire and keep active. This workout app is designed with the customer’s progress and fitness achievements in mind, which is shown through the motivation throughout. This application gets a big tick from us (excuse the pun!).

myfitnesspal1My Fitness Pal – free

My fitness pal is available for both android and iOS and runs really well on both, with regular updates for to achieve the best user experience. This application is very topical for health freaks as it allows for your meals, snacks and drinks to be uploaded per day, with a huge database of foods and their nutritional information. Once more, this app is helpful in indicating which areas of your diet may be too high or low, as well as giving a daily and weekly overview. Additionally, this app provides useful tips and daily fresh recipes to keep the user motivated and inspired.

fitstarFitStar Personal Trainer – free

If you are just getting started in the gym and learning the ropes in keeping up a healthy lifestyle, a lot of people would suggest getting a personal trainer except they can be very expensive and you cannot guarantee you will like their style. So, here’s the solution, FitStar Personal Trainer. This app assesses each individual on their goals, needs and current ability and works from there to create workouts to suit you. This app would be great for beginner health freaks however, FitStar Personal Trainer is only for iOS devices.

fitnet-bizcard-logoFitnet – free

Available and enjoyed by both iOS and Andriod users, Fitnet could just be the next huge health app. This application takes the trend selfies to a new level as it combines using your devices camera to monitor your progress with the workouts. This original way to work out has received endless five star reviews on just how great this app is. Fitnet is a really great app to use and keep up when getting fit and healthy.

zombiesrunZombies, Run! 3 – $3.99

Zombies, Run! 3 gives exercise a huge element of fun (and purpose for those lacking in motivation). This app combines exercising with game play in a creative way to encourage fitness. Over 800,000 people have downloaded this app that combines an awesome game with real life exercise in order to progress in the game. This app can be enjoyed by everyone as it is for both Andriod and iOS users.

mindbodyMINDBODY Connect – free

MINDBODY Connect is a beautiful app that works really smoothly across both Andriod and iOS devices. This app helps direct you to local classes and introduces you to new classes that might interest you. Once more, when you find a class that you would want to attend, you can book a slot and pay for it all through the app. This app is great for those that are getting bored of the same workouts or want to make friends with similar health hobbies in a class.

endomondo_navnetrækmtaglineEndomondo – free

Endomondo is a fabulous app that claims to be ‘a personal trainer in your pocket’. It asses the users fitness levels and ability and builds a personal plan based on that, which feels super personal and developed. Endomondo has quirky features such as notifying you on when you have hit targets, beat current personal records or to motivate and encourage you to work harder. This app is optimised for both Andriod and iOS.

noomNoom Coach – free

Noom Coach is a polished and really advanced app that is available on both iOS and Andriod. Noom Coach is a health genre application that concentrates on diet and helping the users achieve their weight goals as well as being nutritionally healthy. This app is really friendly and would be great for nervous users or beginners as it does not come across as intimidating with confusing fitness jargon.

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