How to Find the Best Scanner for Your Office

Since electronic document scanners first announced themselves all those years back, they have not only evolved to serve a variety of functions in the home (photos and ticket document scanning etc) but they are now more important than ever for small businesses and large organisations alike.

So, if a document scanner is so important for home and business use, how do you know which scanner is best for your business?

The answer is simple really, you just need to understand what you are looking to get from your new Scanner – do you want lots of storage space for scanned documents? Do you require a document scanner which can scan lots of documents in quick succession or do you a require a scanner purely for personal use like scanning and sharing photo’s and pictures across social media websites.

Below are the 3 most important factors you need to take into consideration when selecting a scanner which is right for your needs:


When selecting a scanner, it’s vitally important you chose a scanner which has a good resolution. We believe 2400 dpi optical resolution is the absolute minimum. The reason we believe this resolution to be the minimum is because although you can purchase scanners with lower resolution, if you need to scan documents in high-resolution (maybe an old photograph which needs to be restored), you will always have that facility.

Scanning Area

It’s always worthwhile remembering, most documents you scan will be in 8.5 x 11 format however if you need to scan larger documents, will your scanner be able to cope with the bigger document dimensions?


When purchasing a scanner, one of the key things to take into account is the software which comes packaged with the scanner. Since all scanners come with different types of software (some come with basic editing software whilst others can come with full desktop publishing software) it is a good idea to understand what your scanner will be used for. If you are looking to use your scanner in the office, does it have software which will enable it to work with your other office equipment such as desktop computers, laptops and printers?

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